Virtual Coffee Date

Virtual Coffee Date


I am pretty sure I ran out of week long before I ran out of “to do” list items this week. I’m gonna need more coffee…

If we were having coffee I’d ask if Spring is anywhere near your neighborhood. I know the calendar says Spring but hot damn, they are talking about snow again next week. In late March…in North fucking Carolina. Seriously, I love me some snow and it pains me to say this but damn Winter, give up the fucking ghost and hibernate. I’ve got perfectly good allergy medicine dancing close to its expiration date in the cabinet because Spring can’t get sprung.

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you are participating in the Warren Buffett Billion Dollar NCAA March Madness College Basketball brackets? Yes, you read that right…a BILLION freaking dollars. Billion, with a “B”. Just so you know, some crazy ass upset today busted our bracket so we are back to earning it the old fashioned way, turning tricks? I kid, I joke. Fucking Dayton…who picks Dayton? Do you follow college basketball? Fill out a bracket? Skip work to watch games? I know if you live in North Carolina you probably do, March Madness is a religious event in my part of the country.

If we were having coffee I’d give a shout out to our Ask A Nerd section of the podcast. We are gathering questions for a very special edition of the podcast and we could use your input. Do you have a question you’ve been itching to ask us? Go for it, nothing is off limits. And if it keeps itching, you might want to see a doctor. Seriously, you can leave it here, in the handy dandy comments section below and we will give you a shout out on the podcast…come on Ask A Nerd.

Ask A Nerd


If we were having coffee I’d tell you I pretty much got zero accomplished yesterday. Zero. I blame Kristen Ashley. I stayed up way too late reading The Will Wednesday night and then I had to finish on Thursday, I had to. So here’s where I tell you a little story about myself. I live and die by the timer. I use my phone and the timer on the microwave in my kitchen. I have a tendency to get so caught up in reading I forget to do things…shower, eat, pee, pick up my kids from school…lots of things. Oh, and I have a job, too. I may work from home but people count on me to manage my time wisely so their shit gets done. Enter…timers. Many mornings, if my schedule permits, I set my timer and read for and hour after the kids leave for school…I also set my alarm for 12:30 to remind myself to eat, shower and go pick up Scandalito from school…don’t judge me, I’m busy, I forget things. It’s an audible prompt that tells me to get my head out of my ass and move on to the next task. Time management at it’s most basic and it works for me. Usually. Anyway, yesterday morning, at 8AM, I looked around my quiet house and I knew I had maybe an hour and a half on my calendar to get some reading in. The Will was calling my name. An hour and a half, that means I’m rolling into my home office at 9:30 ready to knock shit off my to do list. I set my timer and I was off to the Kristen Ashley races. Well, a key part in setting a timer is actually hitting the start button. In my haste to get back into the story after the kids were safely ensconced in  school, I forgot to hit the fucking start button on my timer. When I finished the book, I realized I’d ignored my phone for far too long. I flipped it over and checked the time left on my timer…the one I forgot to start. It was almost 1PM. No breakfast, no blog post, no lunch, no shower, no to do list accomplishments, no nothing except a pile of tissues surrounding me because hot damn Kristen Ashley can write a fucking epilogue. And what is it with her and the kids? Lordy be, lordy be…just you wait guys. The Will comes out April 8th, mark it down, set your timers, do whatever you have to do.

If we were having coffee I’d ask you if you know anything about Bronies? You know, My Little Pony fetish people? Ever heard of BronyCon? It’s coming to Baltimore August 1, 2014. Oh yeah, that is absolutely happening. Tara Sivec’s next book in her Chocoholics series, Passion and Ponies comes out next week. Are you on Facebook? Tara is having a Release Day Party to celebrate the launch of this book. She’s going to have special guests all day on Facebook…authors, sex toy professionals, bloggers, and even our very own resident Ms. “Let’s discuss the fluidity of sexuality” Sex Nerd Lola is stopping by.  Passion and Ponies will be available on March 25…make sure you get it, it’s more than just a funny book, it’s more than just a Brony book – I think you’ll enjoy it and I’m still not sure how she did it but Tyler is swoon worthy material, I shit you not. Set your timer people…make it happen.

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If we were having coffee I’d ask what you have lined up for the weekend. I’m taking BabyScandal and her girls to see Divergent. Scandalito is getting a haircut, I swear that boy must be going through a growth spurt because I swear we took him for a haircut just a week or so ago. I also plan on reading a bit and baking a few treats. I’m thinking about trying out some male romance authors this weekend – there seems to be a nice new crop of guys out there, maybe we can find one brave enough to come on the podcast with us…that would be fun wouldn’t it?!!? Whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s fun and sexy and completely scandalicious.



  1. Well good morning to you as well Scandal!
    Morning All.
    I am soooo glad that The US has turn those clocks forward! in a weeks time we Eastern residing Aussies will turn our clocks back and all will be right in my world again. As you may have guessed time zone shit has been interfering with my interactions with my fellow nerds! basically I am snoring my arse of before everyone else gets out of bed!
    I can wait for all things Bronies! Tara Sivec never cease to amaze me so I cant wait!
    Speaking of Kristen Ashley I needed her assistance this week and got it Thank you Kristen! The Nerds will tell you I was in a book void this week. I had read a book that left me flat….flat and a tack! ( no not going there!) I required some Kristen Ashley goodness….one Tyrelll Walker and one Brock Lucas helped me meander my way out of that one!
    Not alot happening on the home front…Hubs just got back from a week away so there is some quality time to be spent.
    oh yeah and all things house! Surprise Suprise!

    • you had me at Brock – you do know you almost derailed my entire reading schedule this week when you mentioned a re-read of my Brock…that’s right, I said “MY Brock”

  2. Tina S. (Weena) says:

    I am approaching that age where I will soon be wearing my bra outside my shirt along with a fetching zebra-patterned shower cap when I shop at Wal-Mart, so help me remember…I thought I submitted a question about semi-virginal/virginal ladies and the men who help them learn what a good dicking is all about. Did I actually hit the submit key? Geez. If not, let me know, and I will resubmit.

    Off to go buy pretty bras ‘cuz if I’m gonna be wearing it outside muh shirt, it might as well be sexshy.

    • Just Nikki says:

      Tina, I am fairly sure that you didn’t…..cause I am fairly sure that question would have prompted some serious discussion in our Viber chats. Please submit that one!

      • Tina S. (Weena) says:

        Gah! Golden Girls Chalet, here I come.

        Okay–I’ll see if I can come up with the question again.

        Lola– :)

    • Happy bra shopping Teena!!

    • oh lord we would’ve definitely blown that question up on on Viber chats Tina!!

      • Tina S. (Weena) says:

        Hokay–I just resubmitted my question via your “Review Requests/Contact” button. Hope you get it this time. Good luck, ladies, and let the recommendations begin. :)

  3. Just Nikki says:

    Basketball sucks. That is all.

    I read a whopping two books this week. TWO. Technically, one and a half since I’m still working on the second one.

    Mistress LOLA! I cannot wait to see what you cook up. I’m telling y’all, the shit this woman knows is scary.

    Can’t wait for everyone to read P&P. It’s hilariously funny and very, very sweet, too. And kinda sexy.

    I’ve got a busy weekend planned workwise and I have a date with my girls tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  4. Good morning everyone! Fuck this weather… we had a huge snow/rain spring storm yesterday and now we are back in cold temps. This winter was long enough and my boots need to be packed away, damn it. I just realized this morning that my winter jacket sprung a leak.

    Anyways I had a good week of reading and I’m looking forward to taking on more this weekend. Next weekend the new releases are off the motherfucking chain. Make sure you check the blog or any of our social media outlets for what we have gathered up. My boss is not at work today and I plan on…haha I’m not telling!

    Anyways the weekend is chalked full of goodness… a couple trips to the gym, dinner with friends, some reading, another birthday lunch and maybe I will get my nails done plus try and clean my house…yuck! Did I just say that?

  5. Carmela Constable says:

    Spring what?!? Seriously, it was warm and sunny here in the UK a couple of hours ago, just rained hail and now it’s sunny again! No wonder we Brits make a big fuss about the weather!

    Nikki, just want to ask you what you’ve thought of Dominic by L A Casey? Just bought it and finished the first chapter. So far, I’m liking how she’s busting Nico’s balls, lol! Just want to say my last reads have been your recommendation and really enjoyed every single one of them, especially Monster by Francette Phal, that was a good one!

    I was just looking at my Library list on my kindle and found about a few books that I have DNF. I’m a bit disappointed with myself because I hate not finishing a book! So here’s a question/s for you my lady Nerds, have you and how many books have you DNF? What is/are the reason/s you have DNF and would you still read another work of the author that you have DNF?

    Tania, I will send you a private message on Facebook about the ending of Final Wisdom by Fuzzy Peaches1. Is that alright?

    Have a lovely weekend to all!

    • Just Nikki says:

      Carmela, I’m glad you liked Monster. It wasn’t something I’d normally read, but I found myself fully immersed in the story pretty quickly. And he groveled so. freaking. well. Probably not as much as he should have, all things considered, but we can’t have our alpha men brought completely to their knees…..

      Dominic was a surprise. I think you have to suspend reality a little bit to read it, but it was so freaking good. I think it had a lot of Bully-esque qualities about it. And high school boys like Dominic make me squirmy. Cause they’re waaaay too young for me to be perving on but it’s damn near impossible not to.

      • They label me the ‘pedophile’ of the group because I like to point out extremely good looking guys and some may have been a ‘little’ young, like early twenties but THAT, THAT right there ladies is Nikki admitting to perving on not one, but two high school aged boys! All of the hotties I point out are legal. And the Defence rests her case!

        • Just Nikki says:

          This is where I point out, Counselor, that all of the fellas I perv on are of the fictional variety. No little boys whose balls haven’t dropped are clogging up MY Spank Bank.

          So neener neener neener.

          • Didn’t we have a whole discussion yesterday debating the merits of Jasper (HOT) and Finn in Kristen Ashley land because the woman writes another hot high schooler in The Will – good lord I’m gonna need Nikki to light a candle for me.

          • Actually Nikki! tania called it he “Spanky Banky”

          • They are ALL of legal age! And I am not going to share anymore Spanky Banky pictures with you! :P

    • Christine E says:

      Good morning all! Carmela, in my opinion, if I’ve read 3 or 4 chapters and find I’m struggling to stay in the story it’s a DNF for me. (let’s say 50 or so pages). I have so many books on my TBR (about 800 at the moment) that I don’t have time for a story if it’s not grabbing my attention. But I would definitely still try another book by the same author. 2 duds though, that’s it for me.

      Where I live in Winnipeg Canada it is -4F with windchill today (wind of 37mph). Yes, it’s that cold! And we’re only about an 8 hour drive north of Minneapolis, so we’re not that far north. I saw Canada Geese returning from their winter in Florida for the first time yesterday, I suspect they have turned around and gone back!!

      Scandal, I would love a list of male romance authors! It would be great to read a romance written from the male perspective. Can be m/f or m/m. I’m good with both :-)

      I’m currently reading Caisey Quinn’s ” Girl” series and Jen Frederick’s Woodlands series, both really good.

      Happy Weekend all!

      • Christine, I have a couple of male romance authors at the tippy top of my TBR list. First is M. Pierce of the Night Owl trilogy – I know M. keeps his/her identity under lock and key but I’m leaning towards dude for this one. Also, Non-Friction by Morgan Parker – pretty sure that’s a dude and I recently started following Cole McCade on twitter, he signed with Entangled. There’s also Thou Shalt Not by JJ Rossum – it’s been out a while and I have it on my Kindle but I keep avoiding it because I think there some cheating/love triangle stuff and that shit makes me stabby and I have to be in the right frame of mind to read it. I believe all of the books/authors I listed here are m/f – I’m very curious to see if the writing style is very different. A while back I read the first couple in a series by Luke Young – the story was interesting but he referred to the hero’s cock as some shade of glorious a little much, it’s a humor/romance book but I’m not sure if I was suppose to giggle at that part.

        • Sylvain Reynard who writes the Gabriel’s Inferno series is also male and I have read an m/m book by Damon Suede who himself is gay.

          • Carmela Constable says:

            You said it Tania, one of my all time favourite series, the Gabriel series. Christine, I highly, highly recommend this one from Sylvain Reynard. Night Owl by M. Pierce was also good,

          • Christine E says:

            Thanks ladies for the recs! I’ve read Night Owl – I’m probably going to be the dissenting opinion but I actually didn’t like it very much. I thought it started out great – I loved the online parts at the beginning and it looked really promising – but then the first time they had sex (the car scene outside the house) I thought it was so degrading to her, and it totally turned me off. I’ve no problem with BDSM, bossy and dominant men and all that, but I felt like it was borderline abusive. I finished the book and there were parts along the way that I liked, but I just couldn’t get over the way the sex was played out. I don’t think I’ll continue the series. Unless you can convince me otherwise? Did anyone else have a problem with the sex in Night Owl or just me?

            I started Gabriel’s Rapture but wasn’t hooked on it (I didn’t realize it was a male author) so it’s still incomplete on my ereader , about 30% in, not DNF’d, but there have been many many other books that have been pulling my attention away.

            I’ll try Morgan Parker!

            I’m following Cole McCade as well, I know he has a contract with Entangled Indulgence and I’m looking forward to his book(s)! I like everything I’ve read from Entangled, they seem to have my number :-)

    • Yes Carmela, message me! We can chat SoA fanfiction.

      • Carmela Constable says:

        Tania, been meaning to ask you, do you recommend the Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige? Just got the trilogy box set for a bargain. I think I’ve heard you mentioning in one of the podcast that you’ve read it/was reading it?

        • Wellllll… Nikki and Tar Heel Tee have read it and liked it. I did like it but remember, I am not big on the damaged rich guys and the innocent like female. Those books make me twitchy, therefore Fixed got me kind of ranty. They are well written and there is an element you don’t expect so I will give you the classic, it’s me, not you for those books. For the cheap deal, they will be a good read.

        • Just Nikki says:

          Carmela, The Fixed books were ok. Not my favorite but not bad by any stretch of the imagination. I wouldn’t reread them.

          • Christine E says:

            I read the first of the fixed trilogy, but didn’t follow up with the rest. It was okay, but not a reread for me. It’s probably just me, but I get somewhat annoyed with books that continue on and on – I love series, where the next book is about a dift character (ie Jen Frederick’s Woodlands, Samantha Young etc) but not a big fan of the “get close to the end and realize the story isn’t done yet” type. Not to say I won’t read them if they are good, but it’s likely I won’t start the first one until the last one is written (although with Sylvia Day that didn’t work out so well).

        • Tar Heel Tee says:

          Carmela, I really enjoyed the fixed trilogy. Worth the read especially for the price. The third one was the best. Not a re read but good.

  6. I don’t know about you, but I am the type of person that sees the light at the end of the tunnel and drags my sorry ass to it as fast as I can. Hopefully it’s not another train. Here in my good ole part of the Canadian landscape, where we are once again freezing our asses off with a large dump of snow that fell yesterday. Happy first day of Spring! Not! The light at the end of this weeks tunnel is that today is the last day of school and then my kids are on spring vacation. No alarm clocks for the next nine glorious days! Maybe I’ll even get to read some books since I only read two this week and one was my review book. Even Goodreads is telling me I am behind on my reading.

    I also set alarms to remember to pick up my kids because it is easy to get sidetracked. Like for instance, I am SUPPOSED to be reading right now but I am catching up on social media and blog stuff.

    Sorry, I don’t watch any college sports but those Tarheels sure do have pretty blue uniforms. Nothing too scandalicious this weekend. Some girl time is planned. My husband has a meeting up in Banff that he goes to every year. We usually go up with him and enjoy a family weekend in the mountains but we are going to hold off for a few weeks and then go up when the weather is a little warmer.

  7. Jennifer S says:

    I’m in Texas and we’re still in the 60’s in March, so it’s been nice here. We’ll have plenty of warmer/hot weather this summer. And while I like sports, I tend to just watch pro sports and mostly just football.

    The bulk of my work is at home so I’m all about schedules and sticking to them. It’s so easy to get sidetracked at home! I don’t allow myself to turn the TV on until at least 6:00 pm, and I try not to read during the day unless I’m current on all my work.

    And I’m with Christine about DNFing a book. If it doesn’t grab me in the first few chapters then I put it aside. My TBR pile is crazy big and there are too many books out there to read to suffer through a bad one for me. I may pick up the book again at another time and see if it grabs me, but I won’t force myself to finish it.

    Questions for the Nerd Herd:
    1. What was the first romance book you ever read? (Mine was Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught)
    2. Do you read any other genres?
    3. Is there any trope you don’t really like? You’ll still read it, but the book has got to be great to get you over your dislike of particular trope.

    This weekend I’m going to watch a bunch of six-year-olds doing gymnastics for hours on end, then I’m going to a play. Hopefully I can fit in some reading too.

    Also, just gotta say I love the podcast! I’ve now gone back and listened to them all while working out. Y’all crack me up! Have gotten many good recommendations for books to read and moved some up on my TBR pile after y’all talked about them.

    • Christine E says:

      Jennifer, just a quick comment that I don’t think I could list the first romance I read but I loved Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsay and Amanda Quick in my late high school/ university days! I guess they are pretty tame compared to what’s out there now. I’m sure I have several paperbacks with Fabio on the cover :-)
      And enjoy your warm texas weather, I’m jealous!

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