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I’m not a clothes horse, I don’t have a shoe fetish and jewelry does nothing for me.  I’m also married to a guy who’s a techie, so I invariably get his hand-me-downs when he goes out to buy the shiny new tinker toy of the week.  My Momma and my hubby bitch and moan about how hard I am to buy for at Christmastime every single year, but it’s because I don’t want or need anything.  I’d like to think I’m fairly simple.  Give me an e-reader I can’t break and some good books and I’m a happy girl, but I do have a few things that I love and wouldn’t wanna live without.  Note that said e-reader is amongst them…

Nikki's favorite things

Nikki’s Favorite Things Links

Mixed Chicks  l  Kitchen-Aid Mixer  l  IPad  l  Fresh Perfume  l  Note Cards  l  Sea Salt Candy  l   Planner


  1. Two things on your list are things I treasure as well. The kitchen aid mixer and the iPad! Love them, as much love that you can give to inanimate objects.

  2. Just Nikki says:

    It’s cause we’re soul sisters. . . . .

    And I so DID NOT buy the Beast.

  3. I love Fresh products! Love them! It’s funny how we all have very similar favorites…I swear we didn’t plan it out that way. And I also love that I have a soul sister with a paper planner! Nothing beats writing shit down and marking it off the list – it’s like my own personal gold star at the end of the day!

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