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Scandal's virtual coffee date

Good morning friends…or afternoon…or evening, whatever your case may be. It’s morning for me, and we got some snow overnight! I love snow! I love the smell right after it snows, I love the feel of the air when you first step outside after it snows. I love the look of snow, the way it piles up around your yard, covering random objects left on the back deck, making funny shapes and shit. Snow is one of the things I miss about living in NYC. Ahhh, snow. Okay, moving on…last week’s coffee date generated some pretty fucking awesome conversations…some cherries were popped…things were said and seen. It was…WOW!

So, If we were having coffee I’d tell you guys, I know my owls creep some of you out but ba-BAM!


This bitch sits on my kitchen counter and I love it so hard!! Gladys winks at me every morning. Sometimes I have to tell her to settle down, she’s just too perky so early and sometimes I wonder what the hell she’s winking at…what does she know that I don’t know?

If were were having coffee I’d tell you about my love of celebrity gossip blogs. My Canadian friends may know Lainey, she’s on an entertainment talk show up there. I love her so hard, she is the queen of entertainment snark. I read her blog every single morning, I get some of my best scoop from her. If you don’t know her, I strongly suggest you add Lainey Gossip to your blog list. Do you know her? Have you read her work? Go check her out, we’ll discuss. Next on my celebrity gossip blog list is dlisted. Goddamn Michael K is funny. He’s like my very own virtual best gay, without the benefit of having him pick out my clothes. I aspire to have snappy one line zingers half as funny and snarky as that bitch. Holy shit, promise me you’ll check these two blogger out. Seriously, you know those silly, “If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive” questions…Lainey and Michael K would totally top my list, just for giggles alone. I love to laugh and they touch me in all the right places.

If we were having coffee I’d ask you a question. Do you have a hard limit when it comes to dollars spent on books? I reviewed a book once, gave it 4 stars, raved about it – it’s a good book but I had not one but two people send me emails telling me it was too expensive. The cost, $7.99, and it was a full length novel, not a novella or a short story. That’s one of the reasons I’ve started adding purchase links in my posts, so I’ll actually go to Amazon and see how much a book costs. Most of the time books are sent to me by authors or publishers so I really don’t know what they cost. I ask this question because I recently read a book, sent to me by a new author. It’s short, just over 40 pages but it’s really good. I mean really, really good. Let me tell you about it.

Beer and Groping in Las VegasBeer and Groping in Las Vegas by Angela Quarles. It’s the story of two people, thrust together by a djinn and some magic. Mirjam and Riley share a past and haven’t seen each other since they were teenagers. They both have a bit of a geek sci-fi side which is fun to read. I mean, George Takei has a cameo…fucking George Takei, “oh my” has a cameo, be still my Star Trek loving heart. (sorry, did I just come out of the Star Trek closet with you? are you okay with that? we’re not fighting are we? I’d hate to knock you out with my Vulcan death grip). And Riley went to UNC (Carolina, Carolina, fight, fight, fight!) and Mirjam went to dook…I mean duke – sorry, I’m not allowed to type that particular school name with a capital letter. It’s a Carolina rule. (And Mirjam is a Finnish name, learned that in the book). Anyway the djinn (a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people) works its magic – gets these long lost loves back together, they have some scandalicious sex in Vegas and well, I won’t spoil the ending. I recommend the story. Again, it’s short, Amazon lists it at 52 pages but I’m going to put it more in the 40+ category pagewise. The cost, $3.99. Is that too steep for your pocketbook? Even though it’s a really entertaining story, is that price going to cause you to send me shouty emails? I can honestly say I’ve paid more for bigger names and longer books and been far less entertained, hell, some of them straight up sucked. I’ve also paid less for bigger names and longer books and been equally entertained. What’s your ratio for book prices? Do you have a hard limit when it comes to length? See what I did there, it’s so easy to go dirty when I’m having coffee with you guys. My hard limit is when the e-book price is the same or close to the same as the paperback price – that’s straight up crazy town for me and just ain’t happening on my watch. If you want a funny, sexy, slightly geeky quick read, Beer and Groping in Las Vegas is the book for you. Tell me what you think. Let’s talk this bitch out.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that about a month ago a blog reader sent me a note. Seems she had a dream, and I was in it. (that’s not creepy is it? I shouldn’t be worried should I?) Her dream is the makings for a very interesting book. (I’m trying to not be creeped out that she’s having dreams about me but hey, at least it was good for her! I always aim to please) Anyway, I filed her dream away in one of my notebooks. See, I aspire to be a published author, did you know that about me? It’s my dream but frankly, I’m a little chicken shit when it comes to putting it out there. I have piles of notebooks filled with ideas and outlines. Scandal notebooks of ideasThese are from last year alone. Just so you know, writing this blog has helped me tremendously with the putting it out there part but I digress. This reader’s idea collided with a ton of bricks full of inspiration last Saturday and it all landed right on my head. I spent four hours crouched over a notebook, on the floor of my bedroom, scratching away at dialogue and outlines. I just want you to know, Whitney, if you’re reading this…the blogger’s name in my book is yours. My Whitney has a sharp tongue, a sexy walk, girl next door charm in the big city and a snarky best friend. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Well done you – thanks for being my muse!! Geez guys, take note – Whitney sends me ideas, what have you done for me lately?

If we were having coffee I’d tell you about a book series I love. See, since you guys are voracious readers like me, I just assume we’ve all read many of the same older books. I’m learning that may not be the case so I’m going to use this weekly post to share a series I love with you. Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark might just be my favorite paranormal series of all time. Big words, I know. I’ve got several more I’m going to tell you about but since IAD got me started on this journey, it feels like the right place to begin. Have you read it? If you have, how much do you love Nix? If you haven’t read Immortals After Dark, sit tight my pretties, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole

Here is the series synopsis from Goodreads…

Every creature or being that was thought to be mythical . . . isn’t.

They all secretly exist alongside humans and enjoy the gift of immortality. There are hundreds of different kinds: from Vampires to Lykae, from Furies to Shifters, from the Fey to Valkyries.

These immortals call their world The Lore.

You may have had a brush with one of Lorekind already. The eccentric billionaire with hypnotic charisma—and an aversion to sunlight. The ethereal waif of impossible beauty—whose fingernails look more like claws. The Highlander with a seventeenth-century Scottish accent and animal magnetism—who can never be penciled in on the night of the full moon.

They walk among us, but they war among themselves. Each faction has its strengths, weaknesses, and age old prejudices against the others. Every five hundred years, the Accession, a battle for supremacy, rages. That time is now. . . .

So, you’ve probably guessed, these are paranormal books…and there are a whole bunch of them, and now a spinoff but I’ll mention more on that later. I love me some Kresley Cole. Her writing style is awesome. She has a way of connecting her books, not just with characters that carry through but with that special trick of linking scenes between books. For example, in one book, one of the vampire brother’s knocks on a door, the other brother answers and seems oddly disheveled. In the next book, you see things from the disheveled brother’s point of view when his brother comes a knocking at his door. I love shit like that. Another thing I love about Kresley Cole’s writing…she writes the strongest, most kick ass, bad ass women. Cole’s heroines are some of the smartest, funniest, sexiest, craziest women you could ever hope to encounter. And the men…hot damn, the men are all so fucking swoonworthy it’s insane. The vampires are all grumpy until they meet their mate and she kick starts their hearts. The werewolves are all sexy and flirty (with Scottish accents fuck me!) and then they meet the one that gives them that singular focus. The demons are fuckhot and insatiable , end of story. The bad guys are insanely bad, but some of them may be just a tad bit misunderstood. The sex is so scandalicious, I mean they are all immortal so they are a little more durable if you know what I mean. And the whole story surrounding, or encompassing the world of the Lore (which takes place in our world so it’s not weird) is so intriguing and multifaceted. You’ll get completely and utterly drawn into this world, you’ll feel yourself fighting the bad guys and falling in love with the couples. You never know what sort of creature is going to pop up next but it all feels so exceptionally realistic, you won’t question it. The trials and tribulations these couples have to endure to be together will make you laugh and cry. And the sex is Kindle melting hot.

Thanks to The Lost Boys, I always fancied myself a vampire sort of girl but the Lykae or werewolves in this story are so delicious I don’t even have the right words. Shit, why did I loan these books to my mother in law, now I need to read them all again…right now! Here’s the reading order and a bit of a cheat sheet for you. You’re welcome.

#1 – The Warlord Want Forever – Nikolai Wroth (leader of the vampire) + Myst (Valkyrie)

#2 – A Hunger Like No Other – Lachlain MacRieve (leader of the Lykae) + Emmaline Troy (half Valkyrie/half vampire) ***I actually read this one first before I knew the proper order and let me say…HOT!! What he has to do to get to her…damn.

#3 - No Rest for the Wicked – Sebastian Wroth (vampire) + Kaderin the Cold Hearted (Valkyrie assassin)

#4 – Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night – Bowen MacRieve (Lykae who just happens to park his fine ass on my Fictional Free List) + Mariketa (witch)

#5 – Dark Needs at Night’s Edge – Conrad Wroth (vampire) + Neomi Laress (phantom)

#6 – Dark Desires After Dusk – Cadeon Woede (demon) + Holly Ashwin (human)

#7 – Kiss of a Demon King – Rydstrom Woede (demon) + Sabine (sorceress)

#8 – Deep Kiss of Winter (also an anthology that contains one story from IAD) – Murdoch Wroth (vampire) + Daniela (part Valkyrie/part ice fey) yeah, that makes for tricky lovin’

#9 – Pleasure of a Dark Prince – Garreth MacRieve (Lykae) + Lucia the Huntress (Valkyrie)

#10 – Demon from the Dark – Malkom Slaine (demon) + Carrow Graie (witch)

#11 – Dreams of a Dark Warrior – Aidan/Declan Chase (beserker) + Regin the Radiant (Valkyrie)

#12 – Lothaire – Lothaire (vampire-the enemy of old) + Ellie Peirce (human+)

#13 – MacRieve – due out July 2, 1013 Uilleam MacRieve (Lykae) + well we don’t know who his mate is now do we!

Spin off:

Shadow’s Claim, The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist #1 - these are Lothaire’s vampire people. I’ve not read it yet but it’s on the list!

 So, if you are thinking of dipping your toe into the paranormal waters, I STRONGLY suggest you start here. Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series is just that awesome.

If we were having coffee, I’d probably need another cup by now, that was kinda’ long winded! After a refresh I’d ask what you have on tap this weekend. Doing anything fun? Did it snow at your house? Reading anything good? Do you have an older series you want me to check out? How about wall sex, think you can figure out a time for that this weekend? Sure you can…all the cool kids are doing it. Have a great weekend friends! Smooches to you!

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  1. Yay! Coffee date! We got snow two nights ago. I think the only good thing about it is that it’s pretty. It’s cold and wet and slippery. My hubby works for the light dept. so when it gets really bad he has to go help, but he’s salary so he doesn’t get over time (end rant).
    My hard limit depends on the book and the length. If it’s a sequel to a book I love, i go up to $12, same with an author. Usually I like to stick to under $5, but if it’s highly recomended I’ll go up to $10. I usually steer clear of novella’s (except All In, Ethan *swoon*)
    Coming out of the star trek closet doesn’t bother me :) I used to watch The next Generation with my dad when I was little.
    I love paranormal almost as much as normal reads. I’m reading Jamie McGuire’s Providence trilogy. I think it’s pretty good, but it’s more New Adult, maybe even YA and she has quite a bite of typo’s but it’s definately an interesting read. I haven’t read The Immortals after dark yet, but it’s been on the TBR pile a while, so I should probably take the plunge. If you haven’t read Kristen Ashley’s Three series, GET ON THAT SHIT!!! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome paranormal. I love all things Kristen Ashley, but she does paranormal very well!
    Has anyone seen the new teaser for Fallen too far? Sometimes I want to weep just a little because I can’t freaking wait for the next. I got to read all 50 shades in succesion, but I feel like this must have been what it was like after the first and not being able to get your hands on the next.
    Did everyone read Vain? Awesome!! couple of questions left unanswered though. Like why did Ian’s mom come clean? made no sense to me.
    What’s the next big one everyone is reading?
    And what about Release me? haven’t read it yet. anyone read it? whatcha think?

    • I’ve reviewed Release Me back before Christmas – I enjoyed it a lot Nicki…funny you should mention that one – that is the very book I was talking about in my post, the one I loved but people sent me shouty emails about the price! Too funny. I have a couple of books I have to read and then I’m settling in for a little KA fix – I LOVE TheThree series…not sure what I’m going to read next.

      As for the Providence trilogy, the first one was one of my first reviews on this site, I enjoyed it a lot but if you notice, I didn’t review the other two, I just didn’t feel them and the last one was so full of typos and odd configurations I decided to live my “if you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all” mantra.

      Get on Immortals After Dark, it is so good – I’m just waiting for Nix to find her true mate, that girl is either totally crazy or totally brilliant…or maybe a combo platter of the two! Either way I love her!

      • I think I’ll move Immortals after dark to the top of the TBR, it’s been on there long enough. I’ll pop Release Me up a couple notches too.
        I’m almost done the second book of the Porvidence series. It definately takes a WTF turn.
        I love that KA’s books are everyone’s go-to books when they want to relax and settle in for a good HEA story. She’s kind of a legend. Has any of her books been picked up? Or os she purposly stayed indie?
        When do we get to hear about your book? I remember seeing that post about you boing in a dream. I started writing one based on how me and the hubby met, don’t know if i’ll ever finish it, but it’s fun to write anyway.

        • Oh yes, our girl KA has indeed been picked up recently so expect to notice a longer timespan between books. I’m so proud of her.

          As for my book, I’ve got tons to do before it’s ready for anyone’s eyeballs. I’m trying to figure out a schedule of writing the book, reading, blogging oh yeah and parenting and wife-ing that works and keeps every sane and happy!

      • Could not get into the Providence series. This was one of my DNF books. Do I need to go back to it?

  2. Trekkie Alert! Yup count me in too! Sad I know but I cant help myself must be all those tight uniforms!
    Iced coffee for me please..well over 105 degree F here yesterday…FUCKING HOT!
    If we were having coffee I would say ” GO FOR IT GIRL” and get yourself onto that novel. If you are as real with your fictional work as you are here in your blog it will be good. I cant wait to read it. Remember….”Thanks…..your right my tits are rocking this bitch!”
    I would also tell you that My Girl read ‘Hopeless” this week and LOVED it! I caught her coming out for more tissues! I had to give her a hug! She though it was and I quote ” Fucking awesome”! Yes My Girl has a potty mouth IRL, just like her mother has on this blog! God help us all!
    If I was telling you about my reading this week I would mention the distinct lack of wall sex in the books i read…..I am feeling a bit FLAT I need some ” scandaliciousness”. IDEAS…anyone!?…Anyone!? Yes…I am a FBDO fan as well! OOOOHHH YEAH!

    • LOOOVED hopless, glad your girl liked it too. What’s FBDO?
      Hot books i’ve read, hmmm. Try KA three series, or her dream man series (fucking love Tack from motercycle man!), Suzanne wrights books, Cherrie Lynn’s unleashed, rock me and leave me breathless, a neighbor from hell series, that’s all I can think of for now.

      I forgot to mention, the only book I was pretty pissed off about getting was Sylvia Day’s Wish List. Way too expensive, for almost no story. I felt like she took advantage of her readers.

      • Ferris Buellers Day Off…you know the Matthew Broderick classic….vey eighties!!,
        Read all those KAs, Cherrie Lynn and R L Matthewson but not Suzanne Wright…I dont think, will give her a whirl…Thanks Nicki!

    • Oh and what colour did you get on your nails? Black or something else!?

    • Yay, I’m so glad to hear Your GIrlie swears like us IRL!! And I’m so happy she enjoyed Hopeless, my friend Pam texted me the entire time she was reading – I felt like I needed to book a flight to get to her and hold her, poor girl was destroyed!

      Thanks, you’re right my tits ARE rocking this bitch…I swear I need to learn to cross stitch so I can make a sampler for my wall!!! I think I’m going to set aside one day a week that’s dedicated to just writing this book…I’ve got to get the voices out of my head.

      Get thee to a wall with Your Guy quickly…and try ice cubes in your mouth, especially with it being so fucking hot in your corner of the world! Ice cube oral for the win!!!

      I went with a deep dark burgundy, my nail lady picked it out – it’s pretty. I’m going gray next I think.

  3. Whitney C. says:

    Creepy? eh, a little, ok yes :) Worried? Hells no, I’m awesome :) and so you are you!!
    OMG!!!!! This is HUGE, I feel so honored! You go right ahead and make me as bad ass as you want to….well, character me that is :). I would hate for me (her) to be some pushover, insecure, nightmare of a woman. Sounds like you are on the path to book genius!! Let me know when this baby is ready. I can’ wait to read it and sell it to the entire WORLD. Everyone has to read this book!!
    As for the rest of our coffee date, thank you for making my TBR even longer. Sounds like I need to drop everything and read Kresley Cole pronto. I’ll get on that.
    Hard limit: I was SO totally one of those people that didn’t want to pay $8 for an ebook. LOL. That’s fricking hilarious. Ha- for the record, I have read said book since that discussion and although I really liked it, I’m also glad I didn’t pay $8 for it. As I stated in my review, it didn’t rock my world as a stand alone, but I can see how the series could prove to be really good. Ok, done with that-back to answering the question at hand.
    IF it’s a new book and new author I can almost say for certain that I would not pay that kind of money. Even if the book is getting 5 Stars coming out it’s wazoo, I’m still not going to take the reviewers word for it that I’M going to love this book/author. There are too many ass kissers in the world and like you mentioned before about Kelsey Cole, some writing styles just really speak to you (or don’t). Now, for $3-$4, yep, I will jump on the bandwagon in a heartbeat. Then when the sequel comes out of said adored book (assuming I adored it too), I will gladly pay whatever you want because I HAVE TO HAVE IT. I’ll probably buy it in hardback too because us bookers are cray like that.
    IF it’s an established author whom I adore, maybe. Depends on my level of love. I’d still rather believe that my cap for my most beloved authors ebook is around the 5.99 mark., otherwise, why not buy the paperback for a few bucks more? Novellas- I rarely read them, so I won’t weigh in on this part.
    WHITNEY (the one who dreams of you ;) lol

    • Yeah, see that’s why I put Beer & Groping in this post. I enjoyed it but I swear I can’t justify spending that much money on 42 pages, honestly I don’t think I could justify spending that much on a known and dearly loved author if the story was only 42 pages.

      Just so you know, my family thinks I’m crazier than they already suspected because I keep wandering around my house mumbling your name…well, it’s actually my book girl I’m mumbling about but still, it’s your name. And have no fear, she is totally kick ass, strong and would never be a weak wishy washy sort. Nope, never in my book!!

      You have to read Immortals After Dark – the guys are so fucking hot it’s insane. And when you read what Lachlain goes through to get to Emmaline in A Hunger Like No Other…no joke – you will be on the edge of your seat!

  4. Gator Girl says:

    Had some Starbucks cocoa earlier today.

    My hard limit price is usually $7.99, but mostly Like to spend no more than $3-$4 because I can read an entire novel in a day and its a big cost issue for me. Hubby has already made comments of my book addiction adding up. I did spend $12.99 on Shayla Black’s first novel and what a freaking waste of money!! I was so pissed for spending so much on something that was awful especially when there are great authors who don’t charge even a 1/4 of that! I will spend money for certain authors and books like Entwined with You (have to get my Gideon fix)

    I’m finding that the indie authors write incredible books and charge far less money.. RL Mathewson is a perfect example, she writes full length novels that are incredible and they’re only $.99 each!!!! IMHO she is one of the most underrated authors along with CC Wood who also writes incredible stories and doesn’t charge a fortune either.

    • Yr right Gator Girl, there is so many good authors out there at really good prices Kirsten Ashley is another example.
      I normally dont spend over $5. It would have to be something special…maybe a J R Ward BBDH book for me to go there. It even irks me that Sylvia Day like to charge $ 8 or$9 for Reflected into you/Entwined……a bit rude I think for the length of the books. BUT Again yr right…is there a price tag on a Gideon fix?

      • mmmm Gideon – I’m sorry did you say anything else in that last comment – the mere mention of Gideon sends me into a Gandy coma

      • Gator Girl says:

        Yeah, Kristen’s book are reasonably priced. I am worried that now that’s she’s signed if her prices will go up. The Marriage Bargain was like $2.99 when the author was I die, but now that she’s signed it’s $10+ for it and the sequels! It wa ok at $2.99, but I refuse to spend that much as an ok book that I read in less than a few hours

        • I curious to see if/who much KA’s prices increase…I mean, I’m certain it’ll be worth every penny and I’ll still buy them, just curious

          • I’ve already told my husband that he should just prepare for me to buy all of KA’s books in print now. Even though I already have them all in ebooks.

          • I know, I’m going to need a new bookshelf in my office for my KA goodies!

          • Kristen Ashley is an auto buy…I don’t care how much $$. BUT since having my kindle I will not buy books anymore. But I am not a collector, I am a purger.

          • I haven’t purchased a paperback book in forever…wait, I take that back, I got Karen Marie Moning’s Iced when I went to her signing in NOLA last Oct. I have a feeling KA might make me break my ebook rule, just because I’m a hoarder that way sometimes!

      • I quit Sylvia Day’s series when I saw the price! WTF! Funny I am currently reading the BDB JR Ward series (on loan from the library as they are all $8 and there are so many of them) but when the new one comes out, if they keep up being as good as they have been so far, I will be paying the full $13 price!

    • love me some CC Wood…

  5. I used to be a daily reader of dlisted! Michael K is one funny dude!!! I haven’t read his blog in a while but every time I hear the names he dubbs people I lol…White Oprah, Chestica Simpson. I am giggling right now. I love White Oprah. lol

    • I love me some Michael K…I have to be careful not to have a drink handy when i read his stuff, don’t want to spit on my laptop!! Check out Lainey too, she’s an insider who isn’t afraid to share the goods

      • Book prices are my pet peeve! I get that everyone needs to make money on these books and that traditionally published books are more polished and publicized and that costs money, but the price on those books is way too high. Usually $7 is my limit, but I have been know to spend more. Book prices are one of the reasons I read indie…low price for an awesome story!

        I will definitely check out the Immortals series. I am currently on Blackdagger Brotherhood…lovin these! They started off slow but I just finished #4 and cannot wait to get #5-8. I am on the waiting list at the library for those. I probably have a few weeks before I get them.

        I say get writing, girl! I can’t wait to read your book! Is there wall sex? ;)

  6. Good morning! This mild winter morning, I am sipping on a hot piping cup of brew, which is being accompanied by a delicious apple cinnamon muffin. I wish I could share your enthusiasm about snow but I live in Canada, near the Rocky Mountains and we get snow six months out of the year; so when we get days like today where it will be a balmy 2 degree Celsius (37.4 degrees Fahrenheit)…huge smiles, when there is snow on the ground, actually happy dance is more appropriate.

    It is quite funny that your celebrity gossip go-to-site is a Canadian blogger. My go-to-indulgence is He just reports and I can make my own assumptions. I used to read but he was just so MEAN… I would chalk up his anger to being that he hadn’t been boinked in a while and his only release was to spread venom on celebrities. I hear he isn’t as mean any more (maybe he has finally got some…what do I know ☺)!

    As for book prices, I have an ereader, like most of us and I usually cringe at books that are in the 450-500-page range that cost more than $10.99. But having said that I have my soft spot for certain authors and I will pay whatever the asking price. I will pay anything for a Beth Kery book…anything; I don’t even question the price of the book. I just need to know she has a book coming out and my budget just goes out the window. Same goes for Kristen Ashley…mind you she self publishes so her books have been priced extremely well. Now, that she’s been picked up by a publishing company, I would still pay whatever the cost for her books because she is so FUCKING AWESOME! Now having said that I may be eating mac and cheese for the next few months as she has a few books dropping the earlier part of this year (check Facebook she just released some great news about her upcoming books. I just added them on my TBR list on Goodreads).

    I love the review on the “geeks find love” book. It let’s me feel that there is hope for me yet, though I have to say I identify as a nerd more so than a geek…hehe!

    Good for you Scandal for journaling your ideas, you just have to take the next step and put pen to paper or should I say finger to keyboard and mold those ideas into great stories. JUST DO IT! You already entertain me like crazy on your blog, on twitter, on Facebook…okay I sound like a stalker right now. I digress; to conclude on this point fear and failure only make us stronger and sucessful. And when you finally get to the point when you are ready to write, hit me up I will design your covers for you (I’m a graphic designer by the way).

    Funny, I have always stayed away from historical, paranormal and fantasy books. I’m a strictly contemporary and erotica kind of gal who may sway for the right book. Your recommendations have been duly noted!

    Well I think I have gone on long enough! It is so easy to get wrapped up in this virtual coffee world. This weekend should be a nice relaxing one. I have a90-minute massage booked, some acupuncture, a pedicure with my good friend Tania and lots of reading hopefully. I got sidetracked by Lance Armstrong’s interview; with Oprah last night…conversation for another day but I will say…TOTALLY FUCKED UP!

    I can’t say I will be partaking in any wall sex this weekend but my box of goodies will definitely get some use…I better go to the store and stock up on batteries…OMG! I can’t believe I just wrote that…yes, my name is Lola and I am a FREAK! ☺

    • Oh Lola, you are never a freak here…well, maybe a little but who’s to judge?!!? Hi to Tania for me!

      Yes, I can imagine snow is not at the top of your favorite list but you know, it hardly ever happens around here so it makes me happy. By the way, it’s like 50 degrees now and all of the pretty is gone, it was just a dusting so the ground is barely wet now!

      AND KRISTEN ASHLEY is rocking my world right now!!! Oh my god – I freaked out my family with the loudness of the HELL YEAH!! that came out of my mouth when I saw her fb post!! WOOT WOOT

      I’ve been a Lainey fan forever! She’s hysterical. Yes, I used to read perez hilton too but you are right, he is too mean and it always seemed like his blog crashed my computer so i don’t go there anymore. He lost a bunch of weight and I think he’s getting laid on the regular now so maybe that’s mellowed his nasty a bit!

      Enjoy your weekend. I haven’t had a massage in a while, I need one of those in my near future. And acupuncture, don’t even get me started on how much I love that shit. Amazing!!

      I’m writing this weekend, baby steps but definitely steps in the right direction. I just need to get out of my own way sometimes!

      • All this new Kristen Ashley news has got me jonesing for some KA alpha males (Hawk, Mace, Eddy, Tack, Vance…too much to chose from). So I have planned to reread one Rock chick book and then follow it up with a new read. It is the only way I can attack my TBR list which is 840+ long and growing…YIKES!

        Anyways, get on the massage front, it may help you release some creative juices for your writing. Or hit up your guy he sounds like he has some awesome hands. Does he have a single twin somewhere? Never hurts to ask…right.

        • That’s a great idea with the KA – new book ratio. Just to show you what a freak I am, I read Mace’s story back to back…5 times in a row. Yep, I have a Mace problem and I don’t even want a cure.

          Great idea with the massage and the creative juices…My Guy is really good with his hands – ideas are forming as I type. Sadly he doesn’t have a twin, I don’t think the universe could handle two of him he does have 2 older brothers but they are married and I believe I got the best of the lot! I’ll keep my eyes open for you!

          • Thanks so much… I may hold you to it! As for Mace, I feel you and no judgement here. Was his little trademark the hand on the throat. I can’t remember,…gotta go back and read it.

          • UGH Mace! LOVE him! I think the hand on the throat was Tack, right? Mace had the dead sister… :(

          • Mace…yeah, the younger dead sister for Mace, that story rips me a part every time i read it. I really think I need to find Mace and just hold him…he needs me, right?!!? Mace…

          • yeah, Tack is the hand on the throat guy – god what a story that is. KA, killing me softly time after time!

          • Thanks ladies! See the details are getting fuzzy. Good thing I am going back to read them over.

          • we’re always here for you Lola!

  7. As soon as you said Canadian friends and Lainey I knew who you were talking about…eTalk baby! Our weather is all over the place. Living 90 minutes away from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, we get our fair share of cold and snow. Today is going to be a balmy 6° C (43° F for you) but we are expecting more snow and cold this weekend. Another good weekend to cuddle up inside and read!

    I don’t have a hard limit for book prices. I will bitch about spending more than $8.99 on them but I try to find deals. After Christmas, Amazon had a shit load of books for $1.00. I think I purchased 15+ books. Finding books for so cheap balances it out for when I have to bite the bullet and pay a little more. I can get seriously carried away in my book purchasing. I dropped almost $300 in a six week period last year and had to institute some restraint! That being said, I have passed up what I felt were costly novellas. $3.99 for a 40+ page book to me is not worth it.

    Kresley Cole is also on my TBR list. Have I mentioned that I have over 900 books on my Goodreads TBR list? Part of that is that I try really hard not to start any trilogies or short book series that aren’t complete. I can not stand to be left hanging so no, I haven’t read Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series yet. I figure I have got so much to read already, I can wait. Long running series that tie everything up nicely at the end of each book I have no problem following, I just HATE a cliffhanger! No patience!

    I am just about finished a five book series by H.M Ward called Secrets. I stayed up until 3:30 am this morning because suspense gives me anxiety and she has a stalker damn it and I need to know what happens! Now I need to drink some coffee and get some work done! Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Tania, I like your weather forecast better for today! And have I told you lately that your a freaking book worm…3:30 am! But when a book is hot…it’s hot! Just don’t fall asleep during our pedi date..hehe!

    • Yeah, since starting this blog and getting so many books free, I really don’t feel like I can complain about book prices, I’ll pay pretty much anything for something I love. You know me though, just looking out for you guys – always wanting to hear how you think – it makes my day!

      I’m adding H.M.Ward to my TBR list…I refuse to even look at it to see how long it is, it may give me a heart attack!

  8. Did everyone see KA posted chapters for RAID? I think I may be in love…..

    And I know you’re fucking with me with that damn owl. I’m a fragile, delicate flower.

    • RAID is so fucking awesome…come on Feb!!!!

      And yes, I added that picture of Gladys just for you Linnik – fucking with you makes my day!

      • You really should stop fucking with my mental health.

        How is it that I can read hundreds of pages and not get drawn in to a story and Kristen Ashley can make me fall in love with a man in two pages? I’m gonna have to get over him having the same name as my bug spray, though…….

        • When I started reading the excerpts I was all, Raid? and seriously, a few paragraphs in and my tone changed to mmmmRaidmmmmmm. It’s crazy how that woman can pull that stuff off like that!!

          Oh and…my owls are pretty, not creepy. Think of it as aversion therapy, Scandal style!

    • I was reading them but I had a phone call and now I am on the phone and typing to you all…surprisingly I usually cannot do 2 things at once. I need to get off the damn phone! But I will say that KA and her heroines…I seriously think she knows me and writes them based on me. lol

  9. There is no limit to what I’ll pay for a book!! No, seriously, I’d probably pause at paying $20 for an ebook, but I’ve spent more than that on a trade paperback so there are some limits. If I want a book badly enough, I’d be doing some serious talking to myself listing all the reasons I shouldn’t pay that much for the book, but then paying it anyway. I have no shame…. and hard is relative.

    And the Star Trek closet?… don’t we all have a Star Trek closet? I love Star Trek and Kirk is just a whore, but oh so fun! Thanks for reviewing the IAD series. I’ve been looking at it for ages and I love the paranormal series, but at this point I have a spreadsheet to keep track of which series I have, which books I’ve read and which ones I need (I shit you not… excel… 1300+ books). I will be picking this one up, it sounds like fun.

    Tonight is the marching band lock in (excitable, sugared up, randy kids in one room, all night!) We’re probably the parents that are looked at most suspect than any of the others, and yet they keep asking us to chaperone. Go figure. Anyway, I have my kindle fully charged, my power cord just in case and I’m looking forward to getting through at least 2 books tonight. Followed immediately by falling into bed, most likely fully clothed, to sleep off the sleep devrivation hangover. Depending on when I get up, or not… I will then kick back with 1 or 6 Guiness.

    • and with Petra’s comment I have another quote for my wall…”hard is relative!”

      Oh my god, Kirk was such a whore and it was awesome!You have to bump IAD up your list – it’s so good and it has something for everyone!

      You had me at Guinness…it’s my favorite of all the beers – good luck tonight. My Girl is having a sleepover here so there will be 11 yr old giggles all night up in this joint!

      • I’m looking forward to lots of teen angst, drama and bravado.

        And if you like Guiness (or any good stout, really) pick up some Founders Breakfast Stout. You will jump on the stout for breakfast band wagon! Come on, join me…

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