Virtual Coffee Date


Wow! We made it. The first Friday of 2013. Yay us! So, consider this post one of my, “let’s try this on the old blog and see if it works” kind of posts. I’ve mentioned my fondness of food blogger Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run before and I’m totally snaking this idea from her. (PS – if you like to cook, or just look at pretty pictures of food porn, check out her site, she is da’ bomb…holy shit, did I really just type that? what is this, 2007? da’ bomb? really? is that still a thing?) Basically, a Virtual Coffee Date is exactly what its title implies…let’s pretend we are at our local coffee bar and tell each other what’s on our mind. It goes a little something like this…

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d tell you that I’m really excited to have the kids back in school so I can get back to my normal routine. Don’t we all have little routines that keep us going? I mean really, even in the shower, don’t you pretty much follow the same pattern when you are cleaning your bod? Routine is good, well it is for me and I miss it when it’s gone. I think that’s one of the reasons its always good to come home after a vacation. For me, I get that feeling of ease as I slide back into the familiar. It’s nice, no?

If we were having coffee this morning I’d tell you about this cool new website I found called Stitch Fix. I’ve been on the waiting list for a while but finally got the invite last week. I already subscribe to Birchbox which is wicked cool for a make up junkie like myself (oh, yes, I’m a total make up whore – I love the shit). Anyway, Stitch Fix has this lengthy questionnaire that figures out all of your dos and don’ts and then a stylist sends you a box of clothes and accessaries every month (or whenever you schedule it) – you pay for and keep what you like and you send the rest back. It’s like having a personal shopper tossing clothes over the fitting room door that you may not ever think of trying on. My first shipment arrives in late February and I’m crazy excited. And you also get to pick your price range so that’s cool, too. I’ll let you know if it turns out to be as cool as it seems.

If we were having coffee this morning I’d tell you how excited I am about our Wicked Girls Orlando Book Weekend in February. It’s Feb. 15-18 and we are staying at the Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa. This event has morphed into the little engine that could! What started out as idle chatter between another blogger (Ana at Ana’s-Attic), a writer (C.C. Wood) and some cool reader/new friends, Ricki and Kerry has turned into quite the little shindig.  Authors like C.C. Wood, Tara Sivec, Katja Millay, Colleen Hoover, Jenn Cooksey and more are attending. And book bloggers including the likes of Ana’s Attic, Cimmaron of Talk Supe, Literati Literature, Book Crack, Autumn Review, Smut Book Club and more are planning on attending. We’ll have a book signing/dinner one evening but over all it’s going to be a pretty chill event that gives readers the opportunity to meet and hang out with some of their favorite authors. Our girl Ricki is local in Orlando so special thanks to her for doing the sexy leg work. I think it’ll be fun to put some faces to the blog pages and of course it’s always fun to have a fan girl squee moment when you meet your favorite author! Check out our Facebook page if you’re interested. All the cool kids are doing it.

If we were having coffee this morning I’d tell you that right now I’m reading Heather Killough-Walden’s Death’s Angel and I’m loving it. 13568563 This is the third book in her Lost Angel series, if you’ve not read it, you really should. In this one, the angel of death, Az – who just happens to be the universe’s first vampire, finds his one true love. I’ll post my full review on Wednesday so be on the look out for it.

If we were having coffee this morning I’d tell you I have so many Blog Tours on my calendar and new books on my Kindle that my eyeballs may never see the light of day again! Seriously. Good thing My Guy got me a new Paperwhite for Christmas. It’s pretty awesome and a nice step up from the 2nd generation Kindle I’ve had pretty much forever! There’s a pic of it in the photo at the top of this post, sitting next to my favorite happy little owl mug…i love happy little owls. I’d also tell you I loaded up my old Kindle and gave it to my mother in law who is currently at the top of the donor list for a new kidney. Since she’s going to be recovering for a while, I figured she’d like a little something to read. She’s an old school smutty book reader with shelves, hell, rooms of shelves filled with old romance books. I took some of the harder porn/BDSM off but left enough to brighten her eyes! I can’t wait to hear her reaction when she stumbles upon 50 Shades of Grey! What can I say, I’m a giver! (oh, special note – with this whole kidney donor list thing, we learned you’ll move up the list faster if said list is in a state that doesn’t have motorcycle helmet laws…just sayin’)

If we were having coffee this morning, I’d ask you what you are reading. I’d dig a little deeper and find out if you have any books you are anxiously awaiting in 2013? A series you’re starting? And oldie you’re just getting around to? What about your weekend plans? Anything fun and exciting? Want to grab a movie? Then I’d offer you a mint because geez, coffee breath much?!!?

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  1. I need a cute little mug…I always use a cute little penguin mug this time of year, but boring white mug the rest of the year. And my guy got me a kindle paperwhite for xmas also and you’re right, it is a nice step up from my second gen kindle. I swear that baby is on its way out though…it was getting kinda buggy. My hubs asked me what I was going to do with my old kindle. I was like, “uhhh…keeping it!!! Now I have a back up!” That dude has met me, right? He knows I love my kindle. I would never share it! What can I say, I am a selfish bitch. Seriously though, if I ever loaded up my kindle with any of my smut books, I think the peeps I would give it to would have a cow. They don’t read the smut… I just don’t get it…

    I am currently read TES’s new book. I don’t wanna fight with you Scandal, but I am not sure how I am liking it. I think it is good, so far….BUT it is so like one of my all time fave shows that I am struggling liking it. I am not really liking the cocky Parker either. I am only about a third of the way in, so there is plenty of time for it to turn for the better. BUT this is a problem I have. Not with any particular book because it can be with any book but if it is similar to something I already love I am not good at loving both.

    • Fair enough Hope – I can understand struggling to like it if it seems too similar to something you already love. I’m not going to fight with you over that…which show does it remind you of? I kept thinking about Parker from that show, The Pretender…did you watch that back in the day? Shit, I think the lead guy’s name was Garrett or something like that now that I’m thinking about it.

      Oh, my little mug came from Ron John’s Surf Shop of all places. Trust me, I was blown away when my mother in law let me in on her smutty little secret. She’s always been the only girl in a house full of loud Italian guys so her books have always been very important to her.

      • It reminds me of Alias. Funny that earlier on when Parker was talking about her friend that knew her secret, her friend said she was Sydney Bristow. Seriously awesome, awesome show!!! I always say, I shoulda been recruited by the CIA back in college. I would have made an awesome Sydney Bristow. lol I don’t think I ever watched The Pretender…I vaguely remember it though. Funny, I was always the only girl in a houseful of boys…that is why I liked my smut at such a young age. Anyway, I am getting into it now. Garrett is….SIGH.

  2. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that it is a glorious, but chilly day here. The pond is frozen and the gigantic flocks of geese and ducks are walking and sitting on the ice. The woodpeckers are eating the suet and there is not even a hint of a breeze (the breezes have been crazy here lately!) The boys had friends spend the night and they are keeping themselves busy still. Bonus for me! Wishing you a glorious day too, sweetie!

  3. For the record, i think I love this idea :) And I love Ana’s Attic too- you two are my go to blogs :)
    I’m currently drinking coffee from my “Question authority but not your mother mug” :)
    Hope, I’m also reading “A beautiful lie”, and i’m also about 1/3 in I’m liking it but not really LOVING it. I have several theories on what really happened to Milo. Scandal, is there a big twist? I’m thinking this book’s writing is similar feel as Gabriel’s Inferno, except not as pretencious (sp?) Hope, which book do you think it’s similar to?
    Scandal- have you read any of Heather’s KIngs books? Opinion? I really liked her BBW books, but not so sure about this series, especially the last one.
    I just finished The Sea of Tranquility. Does anyone else feel it didn’t quite live up to the hype? I liked it, but i thought Hopless, Flat-Out Love, Slammed and Easy were all better. Speaking of Hopeless, did anyone else guess pretty early on? I went back and forth. I did the same with Down to you. Anyone else? Loved both of those books btw!!

    • I’m glad you like the idea Nicki, I really enjoyed writing the post, if you haven’t noticed, I love to chat. For the record, I need that mug of yours when I’m dealing with my 10 yo daughter – I tell her all the time I hope she questions her friends as hard as she questions me when she gets older! That girl pushes back on every single thing I say…even “the sky is blue” kinda’ shit. I love her like crazy, and she’s wicked smart and strong but damn, she’s exhausting!

      So there is a bit of a twist with Milo, keep reading – he’s kind of a dick. I’ve not read Gabriel’s Inferno…I know, I know, you don’t have to yell, I’ve been told a million times I need to read it. With a Beautiful Lie, I fell for Garrett and his deep love for Parker – for me, he makes the book.

      I’m current with Heather’s The Kings series and before you say anything else, I’ve claimed Thane, the Phantom King as mine. I’m President and Queen of all things Thane – that beast rings bells I didn’t even know I had! The Sea of Tranquility and Hopeless are on my list for next week so shhhhhh – I’ve been working hard to avoid the Hopeless spoilers. (but yes, I figured out Down to You pretty quickly pretty much bc a Cash twin might just make the planet explode – that man is all grades of hot!)

      • My kids are two and three, so they don’t question me yet because I am all knowing and I get everything from “why is there a sun?” to “why is blue called blue?”. I was actually stupid enough to try and explain the sun question to a three yr old.
        If it’s only a bit of a twist, i think i’m wrong. I’m getting that Milo was in dick territory. and i agree that garrett is totally making the story. Just read about the wedding band *sigh*
        I wasn’t the biggest fan of Gabriel’s Inferno. It was alright, but definately pretentious.
        Hopeless seriously needs to be at the top of your TBR pile.
        I suppose you can have Thane, I’ll take Roman- love me some vampires! How do you like the ‘lost angel’ series compared with kings?

        • Nicki, I made that mistake when my kids were younger, it was a “why is the sky blue” question and I’m pretty sure my son’s eyes literally glazed over.

          Milo’s twist is slightly bigger than a “bit” so you’re probably closer to right than you realize…keep going. And the ring – ahhh, the ring – no joke, that Garrett is a keeper.

          As for HKW, the writing style for The Kings and Lost Angel is very similar – The thing with lost angels is there’s something going on with this guy Sam that I can’t figure out…it’s making me crazy – I’m pretty sure he’s the devil BUT I can’t figure him out so it’s totally worth the read. Check it out and thanks for keeping your grubby paws off Thane.

    • Nicki – I think it is similar to Alias. It was a tv show on about 10 years ago. One of my faves!! I have several theories about Milo. So far they have all been proven wrong. lol

      I did not like Gabriel’s Inferno. Down to You was ok…I really did not like the twist that I did not see coming! I haven’t decided if I was going to read Up to You…I am waiting on the reviews for that one. And Hopeless…SIGH! Love! I am also undecided on Sea of Tranquility. I might be all YA’d out as I also just finished The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden.

      Scandal – Did you read Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover? I know you are not fond of YA, but since you will be meeting CH…seriously they are must reads!! 2 of my all time faves!

      • Hope- LOOOVED coincidence of callie and kayden!!! and GAH! i had heard there was a cliff hanger but i definately didn’t see THAT coming! can’t wait for the next. Slammed/POR were awesome too. I probably read just as many new adults as i do adults. I’ve even been known to read a dystopian here and there.

      • I’ve not read Slammed or Point of Retreat – I’m still in the undecided with those two – I’m thinking I’ll just jump in with Hopeless and see if I have time for the others before Feb. I got Sea of Tranquility on NetGalley so I need to read it, but I’ve decided to put WANT to reads at the top of my list.

        PS – Milo is/was a dick…I really didn’t see his twist playing out like it did – I think you’ll be surprised.

        • i’ve got two theories so far… but the more I read the more intricate my theories become… hmmm. I’m only 40% in and Garrett’s already on my book boyfriend shelf and they haven’t even had sex yet ;)
          I loved slammed and POR, but i think hopeless was even better. Coincedence of Callie and Kayden is a must read too.
          I think my biggest problem with Sea of tranquility was the way it ended so abruptly. It wrapped up, but i thought it would have been worlds better if it was extended a little more or had an epilouge. That’s just me though.

          • just you wait, when they finally get to the sexy times…holy shit – it’s actually a big part of my review…Garrett…

          • Fucking Milo!!

            And really Callie and Kayden bored me until the end….that CLIFFHANGER! UGH! Now I have to read the next in the story. I liked it, but until the end I was not needing to read the next.

          • I’m not sure where you are but Fucking Milo is going to quickly become your mantra for the day!

          • phew! i just got to the first sexy times section. fanning self. i need to stop checking this chat so i can find out about the fucking milo part, unless it was the fucking milo part about not-fucking. not sure why she put up with some of his shit…

          • oh Nicki, the “not-fucking” Milo part is the least of your fucking Milo worries…trust.

          • I have a feeling one of my thoughts/predictions is coming true!! ACK! I am totally into this book now. Once it got out of the Alias similarities it starting rocking!!

          • I told you you’d love it! Keep reading!!! It only gets better

          • holy shit balls, tell me this isn’t talking the direction i think it’s taking!!! Hope, how far into it are you? i’m at 49%

          • if you are heading down an ugly path then you’re probably heading in the right direction…

          • I’m at 70% and the surprises keep on coming!

          • you’re not finished yet Hope!! Edge of your seat shit so hang on!

          • i just hit the 70% mark! WTF!!!!! thought this was a possibility though but the thing that happened right before i totally didn’t see coming! No wonder this book got such good reviews. looks like i’m not cleaning the house tonight!

          • YAY!!!!! I knew you’d love it! Slow boil…Tara gets you with the slow boil!!

          • almost done! is it wierd that i almost sotra feel bad for milo? and i stress the almost. did anyone else feel that ‘s the way tara led us?

          • I was incapable of feeling bad for Milo – when I thought I was going to, I remembered what he did with those young girls in the hotel. That cured me of my sympathy real quick!

  4. That is so sweet of you to give your old kindle to you Mom in law! I’m sure she’ll love having the ebooks to keep her spirits up. Sending thoughts and prayers her way! Your weekend in Florida sounds fantabulous and those websites…I need to check them out. I’d love a personal stylist like that to send me clothes. I suck at putting outfits together that don’t involve jeans, a jean skirt, or something else casual!

    Oh, and if we were having coffee I would tell you that I’m adding the book you’re currently reading to my ever growing TBR list. I would also let you know my TBR list is out.of.freaking.control; that I have 100+ books to read between hard copy and ebooks; and that even though I’m reading every day, the list doesn’t get smaller because I keep adding (and buying. Darn giftcards!). In addition, and despite my book addiction (and my acknowledgment of it)I cannot wait to read Kristen Ashley’s book releases this year. All of them, but most especially Ally and Ren’s Rock Chick book, and then Shy and Tabby’s story (please let Tack have a cameo!), with Benny and Frankie’s story also high on my anticipation list. I love Benny. He had a small part in At Peace, but I fell in love in that short amount of time!

    Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll be kicking back, reading and writing…and drinking the rest of the wine that didn’t go over the holidays! :D

    • I’m pretty excited about the whole Stitch Fix thing – I hope it’s as cool as it seems…I found it on Jenna’s Eat, Live, Run blog – she’s such a multitasker that way!

      See, her in lies my TBR mountain problem…I get myself on somewhat of a schedule and then a favorite like Kristen Ashley drops something and everything comes to a halt for me and lordy be…if Tack is anywhere near it, I’ll have to do a re-read – it’s kind of a “If you give a mouse a cookie” scenario for me!!

      Happy weekend!

  5. Coffee and a good book is the best start to the day! Especially if I can enjoy it while the children are still sleeping and the house is still quiet :)

    Currently I am trying to recuperate from the gut wrenching emotional rollercoaster of a ride that was Loving David! I went back through your archived blogs to see what books you had reviewed. We have similar tastes so most of the books you have reviewed I had either already read or are on my Goodreads To Read list. BTW, I love me some Kristen Ashley ;) I had not stumbled upon Loving David or the C.C. Wood books yet so I decided to give them a go based on your review. The C.C. Wood books were fun and now I am in need of some mindless smut to get me over my depression of Loving David!

    I was excited to see that you are reading HKW Angel’s series books. I have read her BBW series and am following her October Trilogy, The Kings and the Angels series. Nicki, if you liked the BBW series, she includes characters from that series in The Kings series. I believe Jason, the warlock from BBW will be getting his own book as the Warlock King.

    Hopeless, OMG, Colleen Hoover can not write anything wrong! Slammed and Point of Retreat were also amazing! I haven’t read Down To You yet but it has been purchased and is sitting on my Kindle. I haven’t heard about The Sea of Tranquility you are talking about so I am going to go and look it up.

    I did a little research on what a Kindle Paperwhite is. I am from Canada so our go to for ereaders is the Kobo. I will admit to owning a Kindle as well (I am a bit of an ereader whore, I technically own four) so I can access books not available yet from the Canadian provider. I also got a new ereader for Christmas, the Kobo Glo, which appears to be the same as the Paperwhite in that it has a built in light. Now that I have seen the Paperwhite, I may need to replace my current basic Kindle Lol.

    I am anxiously awaiting J.R. Ward’s Lover At Last which is the next installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. March can not come soon enough! Also Kristen Ashley’s last Rock Chick, the new Chaos book and the second Heaven and Hell.

    • Tania, don’t even get me started on Lover At Last – oh my god…the wait for that one is KILLING ME!!! And I’m a self professed Kristen Ashley slut so you know I’m all hot and bothered for all of her books!!

      Loving David…I KNOW RIGHT!!! I tried to allude to the ending without giving it away because it freaking crushed me. Really didn’t see that ending coming. You should’ve saved CC’s books to read after Loving David – CC’s books are good pick me ups!

      I really enjoy HKW’s writing style, I need to get into her October Trilogy but as you know, my TBR list (much like yours I’m sure) is practically unsurmountable! Yes, I believe Jason the warlock is up next. Hopeless is for next week…I promise. I also have Lara Adrian’s next Midnight Breed book at the ready – I love that series.

      I love my Paperwhite, it really is much easier on my tired old eyes.

      • wait, wait, wait. what’s the first Lover at last book? i need to get in on the action.
        I love HKW, she/ BBW were actually the first smut book i stumbled upon and it was by accident after reading Sam I am. When it started getting into ‘scenes’ i was like WTF, i should have read the reviews, but kept reading, and of course i had to get the next one to see what happens to i think his name was cole? and from there i was hooked and have been reading smut ever since :) I think you’re right that Jason is right. just so you know. October trilogy is YA, not even New Adult, stright up YA. But i like that genre too, so i enjoyed it too.

        • HKW? Do I need to get in on that shit? I’ve never read her…. And BBW? I’m at a loss…Who is that?

          • HKW = Heather Killough Walden and she is awesome. BBW is her Big Bad Wolf series (which I’ve not read yet but plan on doing ASAP) characters from her BBW series cross over into The Kings series which I am current on and it is terrific. She’s also the author of my current read, Death’s Angel from the Lost Angel series. Yes, you need to get in on that action. In fact, I think I need to thank you for giving me an idea for another post! Series and Authors you need to read!

          • Thanks for the clarification! I checked Amazon and see the bundle of all 4 books is only $4…I like it! I like it a lot!! That just might be my next read. :)

          • :)

        • oh Nicki…Lover At Last is the latest from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Highly anticipated. If you’ve not read that series you need to do a serious stop drop and roll and get on that bitch!! Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark got me started on this path and Ward’s BDB was what I read after that. AWESOME books. (if you’ve not read the Immortals After Dark series, it’s one of my all time favorites – Cole writes some seriously awesome, badass women and some crazy hot sex! She’s the one that made me say WTF the first time, quickly followed by a “holy shit, where has this been all my life?!!”

          I knew there was a reason why I haven’t read October trilogy – thanks for reminding me and making my guilt a little less!!

        • Lover At Last is the 11th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. The author is JR Ward and she is awesome! Her vampires are hot, sarcastic, foul mouthed, hard drinking, sex on a stick yummy goodness!

          I laughed at your WTF moment at the BBW scenes! I had the exact same thoughts when I read the first book and wasn’t expecting it at all! And then I was just hooked on her awesome smuttiness! I also enjoy the YA and New Adult genre. Sometimes you have to take a little down time from the smut ;)

          I have the Lara Adrian series on my TBR list. I will take it on good authority that it is a great series!

          • I think you’ll enjoy the Midnight Breed series Tania…I love a new twist on the whole vampire thing – it’s good stuff. Sexy stuff, too. Wait until you meet Brock, he’s delicious…and so is the angry one, shit I can’t think of his name right now – he reminds me of Z from BDB a little. Hot damn I love ‘em broken like that!

      • I’m so excited for the Rock Chick book!! YAY! And Frankie and Benny’s story? Another YAY! I hope that doesn’t get bumped. LOVE the Burg!

        • I just sent an email to try and get some firm dates on these books. I’m wondering if anything else has changed since she signed on with her new publisher – I’ll keep you posted.

          • If you’re going to be bugging KA for dates, could you ask her about the final in the three series (first two were amazing!) pretty please! :)
            Black Dagger Brotherhood has been on my TBR pile a while. I’ll start that inbetween Up to me tomorrow and the proposal on the 15th so I can get in on that action!
            I’d like to make a suggestion on Authors you need to read. Suzanne Wright has three books out and I loved all three of them. I don’t see her get pimped very often, so I wanted to help her out a bit :)

          • I spoke with my contact, the only date they are comfortable releasing is the April 2 e-book for Chaos…they have tentative dates on others but don’t want to release them until things are firmed up a bit more. I’ll keep you guys posted with what I find out.

          • oh, i just checked out Suzanne Wright and thanks to you…my TBR pile just grew again!!

          • awesome!

  6. If I’m awake, you can probably find me with a book in my hand. Roy (the guy who sleeps with me and also my husband) got me a new kindle for Christmas too, so I promptly chucked my older version over to my 15 year old son. But…I probably should have removed the smut first! I keep hoping he’ll use his brain to to imagine the smut rather than just looking at it on-line… Does that make me a bad parent? Anyway, now that I have the new kindle, I can read anytime and any place! Woohoo!! I’d love to join you for coffee and some fun gossip… I mean discussion… about our favorite books. I even have the perfect mug for our chats! The Le Lepin (Rabbit) sex mug! You gotta get yourself one of these on Amazon.
    I’ve got a metric ton of books on my Kindle to read right now but I can’t wait for Kristen Ashley’s Chaos book in print June 2013, Dianne Sylvan’s 4th Shadow World book, March 2013, Sylvia Day’s 3rd Crossfire book, Entwined in May 2013 and J.R. Ward’s Lover at Last in March. There are also Patricia Briggs, Jennifer Estep, Ilona Andrews, Coreene Callahan, Shelley Laurenston, Diana Marie Bell (hot sex), Gena Showalter, Jennifer Ashley and Julieanne Reeves books coming out in 2013. I need a second job just to support my book habit! Do you know anyone paying high dollars for relatively little work? I need to keep as many reading hours open as possible!

    • LOL Petra! I hope your boy will read your smut and learn some good lessons for his future ladies…haha

      And my hubby is gonna be really mad…you ladies are giving me all kinds of good smutty reads. Actually, scratch that…he won’t be mad at all. ;)

    • Ha Ha! Well, the boy has to learn from someone, may as well be you and your smutty books!! I’m off to amazon to check out that mug now!

      That’s a great list of authors you’ve got there Petra, and some new ones for me to check out! If you find that high paying, low work job, let me know – i want in on that one!!

  7. STITCH FIX! Oh my gosh, is this the answer to all my problems? I think so. What girl hasn’t dreamed about someone who knows exactly what they’re doing dressing them? That was always my favorite fantasy. A world where all the clothes fit right and looked like they were made for me. A world where I look like THE shit everyday instead of just looking like shit. This is the start of something amazing, I just know it.

    Girl, if we were having a coffee date, I would tell you about my day yesterday in excruciating detail. Since we’re not, I’ll just sum it up. I got into my first car crash. My fault. Everyone was fine, in fact, I was the only witness. They weren’t even there! That being said, it was definitely not something I could pretend didn’t happen. The big ass dents in both my car and theirs screamed my guilt for all the world to hear. I did the responsible thing and left a note. I texted my parents the news and went to school. Then I came home and was surprised by a celebration with my whole family! Apparently my first crash was a momentous occasion. They gave me everything I could want after a shitty day: Spiked hot chocolate, bubble bath, mint julep face mask, steak for dinner and red velvet cheesecake for dessert. I swear to god, they’re reinforcing bad behavior here. If I wasn’t so embarrassed and guilty about the crash, I might just crash more often if this is the treatment I get. I don’t think my car could take much more though, so I’ll nix that idea and shower love and affection on my family for many moons instead. A little tit for tat.

    This year, I am awaiting with bated breath all of Kristen Ashley’s new releases, but mainly the final Rock Chick book. Oh lordy, I’m excited for that. Ally’s been in the background for far too long, it’s time to haul her out center stage and air her dirty laundry for us all to squeal over. And Ren? It’s about damn time he came up. He may not be a Nightingale Man, but I think he has an honorary spot in the Hot Guy Bunch. When he first showed up with Ava I was like, “oh shit yes please”. Then he showed up with Sadie and I was like “Oh please oh please, just get your mafia ass out here and be a main character already!” Now my wish has been fulfilled, if I can just have the patience to wait. As if. I’m rereading Seduction & Snacks to bide my time. I just wish there was a definite release date so I can start counting down days.

    • Oh Maryn – your family rocks so freaking hard! I’m glad there were no injuries and I’m glad you got red fucking velvet cheesecake for your troubles – that is awesome!!

      Don’t even get me started with Ren…that man is sex on legs and we all know it! I think he and Ally are going to rock our ever loving worlds!!

      And I’m so freaking excited about my new Stitch Fix thang…I can’t wait to have someone dress me – even if it’s just to go to the grocery store!!

  8. When I was two, I liked to wander out of the house through the doggie door. My Daddy told me there was a big hoot owl in the back yard that was gonna swoop in and get me if I went out by myself. Snakes, bugs, lizards don’t bother me, but I am scared shitless of owls. To be a smartass, by oldest brother named his farm Hoot Owl Plantation. Ha ha. Asshole. So, anyway, I’d have to loan you my toilet mug or take a klonopin. I own only one mug–the toilet mug, a gift from another smartass brother– because I am the only person south of the Mason Dixon who hates coffee, tea and chocolate. So I’ll drink my Diet Pepsi and you can have your coffee.

    We can discuss my newfound fascination with cheesy ass Harlequins. No, I’m not pregnant. On the other end of the spectrum, I also find myself enamored of UFC Cage Fighters. Whodathunk? I am not-so-patiently-at-all-awaiting the arrival of Rock Chicks 8 and Own the Wind. I wanna go back to the Colorado Mountains, too, and I won’t even be picky about whether it’s Deke or Deck (am I the only one who got confused with these two) or Wood or Reese. Can’t wait to read the Beautiful Bastard (any book with a cuss word in the title is a book for me) series by Christina Lauren, though it will violate my aforementioned ban on the tortured hero. I also can’t wait to read the sequel to This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas and the final Up in the Air by RK Lilley. And WALKING DISASTER……ahhhhh…Travis. Oh! And Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan, which sounds like Travis Maddox if he were a cage fighting porn star. Ohhhhh….the wicked debauchery awaiting my eyes this year…….

    • Linnik, I laughed so hard while reading that I had to start back at the beginning. You are cracking me up with your owl-phobia, toilet mug and diet pepsi with a side of klonopin.

      Since your kid is such a huge wrAstlin’ fan, it was only a matter of time before you found some sexy in cage fighting – I mean hello, Travis?!!? I think Own The Wind is going to be awesome but that kinda’ goes without saying, no? I just got Beautiful Bastard on NetGalley, I’ll let you know what I think of it as soon as I read it. And don’t ever worry about being judged for your love of cheesy Harlequins up in this blog, I love those things…nothing like a good swoon.

    • Hey Linnik…I’m with you on the whole owl thing….Freaking things they are, huh? Amazing birds…just not in my backyard!
      Ahhhhh yes……Travis…Yep on my FFL. Right after Brock Lucas, Hector Chavez and Ethan Blackstone.

      • Hey, Teena! I cannot wait for Travis’ story. I think walking through his thoughts is gonna be a little scary, a little raunchy and a whole lotta crazy……

        Sadly, I’ve had to kick Travis off my FFL. We were getting intolerably close to cougar territory…..

        • Your right Linnik…… Couger Territory indeed! But it also ok to lice in La la land occasionally.
          Yes, Im thinkn Travis’ POV is going to SERIOUSLY naughty! I wonder if Tammara has it in her!? Cant wait!

  9. Cool! Death’s Angel is out!!! Gonna start my weekend with a great read (I hope). Never heard of a Paperwrite device so I will check that out too. The Orlando book event you talked about sounds like a great thing to attend. Is it open to anyone? I live 7hrs away and it would be great to see what that is all about.

  10. Well Scandal I think this is a Brilliant idea, one problem……time difference…unfortunately I will be a little late to your coffee mornings! but i’ll post later in the day regardless!
    I am currently reading Razing Kayne…Loving it by the way! SEXY BEAST!!! Hello WALL SEX!!!!
    I am jealous of all the conferences you have available to you in the US…Something we Aussies dont seem to do well..I may have to look into that!
    I love the fact the you gave your Mother-in-law your old Kindle. Good on her with the whole electronic device thing. Hubby and I cant seem to get his Mum and Dad into anything like that…very frustrating as we we live approx 1000km appart and things like facetime/skype would be really great for keeping in contact. I reckon Fifty will raise her eyebrows just a little!!, Cant wait for her feed back on it!
    If we were having coffee here I would have to swap it out for an Iced Coffee. It was over 107DegreesF here yesterday……95 degreesF at midnight last night….FUCKING HOT, in other words! A hot week coming our way, a good time to catch up reading in the heat of the day! Will more than likely get Tara Sivecs new one for the hot days!
    Think of me this week as we are in the midst of the school summer holidays, kids go back end of Jan, very hot conditions. Translation….not alot of alone time reading!!!
    See you for coffee (iced) same time next friday!?

    • Forgot to mention if we having Iced coffee I would have told you that I have been practicing on my bike….haven’t ‘gone a gutsa’ yet. No broken bones or gravel rash…..just sore arse and thighs!!

      • ‘guess I should’ve read ahead in the comments section as you answered the ass question! Glad you don’t have any gravel rash, that would suck!

    • holy shit, 95 degrees at midnight…that’s so…mean spirited!! I’d require an ice bath for that shit!! Hot weather is not my friend…and yes, I realize I live in the South by choice! (actually, when we moved here it was by choice, now we kinda’ feel like captives!!) Seriously, I want to move to Maine…I’d rather deal with the snow than wicked hot temps.

      Did you read Tara’s new book yet? What did you think? I’m posting my review on Tuesday.

      Got your email, I’m starting Hopeless today – I’ll let you know how it goes.

      And the bike…I’m going to need an update on your lessons. How’s your ass, even with a good seat, bike riding always makes my ass hurt!!

  11. *sniff* I don’t drink coffee. Can we still chat if I make you some while sipping my tea?

    I would share that this is the first time in 11 years I didn’t have to work through the holidays. I enjoyed every extra minute I had to spend with my grandgirls. I would try not to gloat when letting you know hubby and I are going on a cruise to the Bahamas in a couple weeks courtesy of my employer and staying in Florida for a few extra days to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary. I am feeling very very blessed.

    Hmmm, books I am waiting for in 2013….
    *Anything and everything by Kristen Ashely
    *Unbeautifully – Madeline Sheehan
    *House Rules – Chloe Neill

    I just finished reading Colleen Hoover’s “Hopeless” tonight and thank everyone for all the recommendations for future books. I will be filling up my kindle soon! Oh, and Nicki is so right about Suzanne Wright!!!

    • coffee, tea, scotch…whatever floats your boat Charms!

      Congratulations on your 33rd anniversary – that’s awesome! I hope you enjoy your cruise. I’ve only ever been on one cruise…I was about 9 weeks pregnant at the time and puked my guts up for the entirety of the trip! Part of the fun of a cruise is all the food and sadly, even looking at food would send me to the toilet! Oh well – I’m thinking you probably won’t have that experience!

      Those are great books you’re waiting for. I’m not sure if you heard but Madeline recently pushed back the release date of Unbeautifully. She’s not happy with the book yet so she’s reworking some things to make it perfect. I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the wait.

      I’m starting Hopeless today – I’ll post my review ASAP!

      • If I am pregnant on this cruise there will be much bigger issues than me puking my guts up LOL

        I am not a huge YA fan, but Hopeless was a good read for a mindless Sunday afternoon.

        And I am sure Madeline will make Unbeautifully just beautiful!

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