Through the Lens

Title: Through The Lens

Author: K.M. Jackson

Publisher:Crimson Romance

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 stars

Source: author provided free copy for honest review





from Goodreads…

Mika Walters is a normal-sized woman working in the not-so-normal world of New York fashion. As longtime assistant to uber-sexy photographer Alejandro Vega, she’s tired of being the girl in the background.

Just once she wants Alejandro to look at her with the same smoldering look he gives to his willowy models and now she has her chance. 


After a travel mishap where the rest of the crew and the models can’t make the remote island location shoot for another three days, Mika is taking her moment to catch Alejandro’s eye and put herself in front of his camera and if all goes to plan, his bed… at least until the real world catches up with them.

Alejandro doesn’t know what’s gotten into Mika. Maybe it’s the sand, maybe it’s the sun, but he doesn’t really care. All he knows is that he’s finally opened his eyes and is seeing her clearly for the first time as the smart, gorgeous and incredibly irresistible woman she is.

But why can’t she realize that what he’s feeling for her is not one of his usual one, well, three night stands. This is real. Real love, real passion. 

What’s it going to take for him to prove to Mika that she’s the woman he wants? Now and forever.

Through the Lens is K.M. Jackson’s debut novel and I have to tell you guys, she nails it! This book made me happy from its very first paragraph, all the way through the sweet and touching end. As a book blogger you never know what you’re going to get when an author contacts you. I’m still kinda’ new to this gig but I’ve gotten some stinkers in my inbox over the last 6 months. Through the Lens is the sort of book that makes me not just happy but more importantly, lucky to get to do this labor of love of mine. Seriously, Ms. Jackson (…if you’re nasty? bet you never hear that one?!!?) is a delight and her storytelling is completely enthralling. Well done lady.

Mika is an awesome heroine. Here she is, this beautiful, talented, smart, funny, dedicated and loyal woman working for Alejandro, “Ale” – the crazy famous fashion photographer to the stars. She’s a regular woman, with curves and insecurities and honestly, a heavy load of emotional baggage but she’s determined to make her way in the “they eat their young” world of fashion photography. She has the strength and sass to do just that, and keep an alpha-diva like Ale in line along the way. The problem is, she’s harbored these long suppressed feelings for the intensely handsome Ale for far too long. Little does she know but Ale has been holding back his feelings for her, too.

Ale has his own set of emotional baggage. Man, parents can really fuck a person up, no? I’m really seeing this trend in the contemporary romance genre! (Geez, I should probably set aside another fund for my own kids which I probably fuck up on a daily basis – perhaps they’ll use my fuck ups for good and write a scathing book about me one day, we’ll make millions!!) Anyway, Ale is used to women using him as a stepping stone, just like his mom used his dad until the next best thing came along. Ale has some trust issues of the female variety. Good thing he’s so fucking sexy.

So here they are, Mika and Ale, basically stranded in paradise – a hot, humid, sandy, isolated paradise…and Ale is a mighty fine tall drink of water my friends. I’m guessing the heat and humidity melted the walls these two built up against each other because once they find the waterfall, there’s some seriously smoking scandalicious sexing going on…and down…and up against a tree…and in a cave…and…phew, Ale has some stamina. Alas, reality brings that damned emotional baggage these two lug around crashing back down on them like a ton of bricks. Honestly, they both need a time out of sorts to get their individual shit figured out…or maybe they both just need a firm thump against the noggin’!! Either way, it’s a little frustrating when smart people do stupid shit because they won’t communicate properly (I’m looking at you Ale…and maybe you too Mika but mostly Ale.)

I challenge you, my dear readers, to try this new gem. Jackson’s description of the island these two are scouting (yeah, scouting, that’s what they’re calling it nowadays! wink, wink) is almost like its own character within the story. The beautiful lush scenery, combined with the obvious chemistry between Mika and Ale weave together to tell a beautiful love story. A love story full of promise, heat, misunderstandings, emotions and triumph. I recommend this tale during the cold dark months of winter, it’ll put a lot of sunshine back in your life and a happy grin on your face.


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