Recipe Post – Baking Bread

Fall arrived on Sunday, not technically, but in mood and weather. The temperatures dipped a bit, the clouds came out to play, I purchased my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season and I baked some bread. Yep, the little fact in my interview with Tara Sivec’s cast of characters is true…I’m a pretty decent cook and I bake my own bread. In fact, it’s been months since I purchased bread from the store. It’s really not that hard to do, it’s just time consuming. Sunday’s are quiet days around our house so I’ve turned Sunday into bread baking day. You can bake two loaves and once they’ve cooled you can stash the extra in the fridge or freezer so you’ll have plenty on hand for the week.

Yesterday I snuggled in with my Pumpkin Spice latte and Kristen Ashley’s Sommersgate House while my bread did its thing. (don’t forget the Ghosts & Reincarnation Challenge! All the cool kids are doing it) I may have mentioned this on twitter and I may have promised to post the recipe for you guys. So Ricki, Kerry and Kristen, here’s my secret recipe! It’s not so secret since I picked it up on a food blogger’s website. Here name is Jenna and she’s a culinary genius. I love her food, in fact, she’s one of those blogs I check every single morning. Here’s the link to Jenna’s Oatmeal Sandwich Bread. I cook it exactly like she states, follow the link and you can print it out, frame it, tattoo it to your arm, whatever it takes to get you to make this bread. Your senses can thank me later! The only thing I do different is, when I turn my oven on to preheat, I add a small metal pan on the bottom rack. Then, after the final rise, I lower the oven temp, open the door to slide in the fluffy bread and add a big cup of ice to the hot pan. Close the oven door quickly and let the steam do it’s thing. It’s a down and dirty trick I’ve learned over the years to insure the proper rise for my breads. See, no need to purchase an expensive steam oven when you can make one yourself with a metal pan and some ice. I’m not just snarky and smartassy, I’m smartical, too!

Now that you guys know about my cooking fetish, if you like, I’ll be sure to post delicious recipes and links to other sites that sport all sorts of yumminess! Here are some pictures of my bread…let me know if you decide to make it.

Before baking…

Don’t forget the steamy trick…and DON’T FORGET TO LOWER THE OVEN TEMP TO 375!!

After baking…house is smelling mighty fine!

You can wrap it in cling wrap or keep it in a breadbox, honestly, I’m not sure how long it will keep, 5-7 days? It’s always gone by day 4 around the Scandal house.


Obviously it makes great sandwich bread, hence the name! It’s also spectacular lightly toasted, slathered with butter and dipped in marmalade.


  1. Gator Girl says:

    just printed it!

    • yay! i just ate some, toasted w/more butter than was probably necessary but hey, gotta bulk up for the winter, right?!!?

      • Gator Girl says:

        I’m in Florida, wear shorts and bathing suits too much during the winter. The only think I can bulk up is muscles with my trainer. ;)

        • well, i should be doing that Gator Girl but the butter and bread calls my name and I have to answer. And have no fear, here in NC, it’s chilly and rainy today but I’m certain it’ll be 85 again by the end of the week!

  2. Looks amazing…heading over to print the recipe!

  3. I might try it!! I always kick around baking my own bread…my laziness stops me usually. But one of these days I’m gonna try it. It is EFFIN COLD here in PA!

    • do it Hope! It’s really not that hard, just plan it for a quiet day, first rise is 90 mins, then a 20 min bench rest, then another 45 min rise and 45 mins to cook, it’s time consuming but definitely not hard to do, just mix it up, set a timer and forget about it…read a book or something! you can do it…and when you do, I expect some pictures!!

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