11s List: Best Vampire Romances

October 19, 2017 11:51 am Published by 3 Comments

We’re counting down to Halloween, so for the next couple weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite creatures of the lore with you!

If we’re being perfectly honest here, vampires creep. me. out. Blood is one of the things that makes swoon like an antebellum Southern debutante cinched up in a corset in hundred degree heat. Drinking blood? Vomit. It goes without saying that I have to be truly invested in a story to get past that particular hurdle. Luckily, we have a romance community full to the brim with brilliant paranormal authors who can make even sipping blood straight from the source sexy.

Ish, ok? Sexy-ish is as far as I’m willing to go.

Here are some of our most favorite vamps, ladies. Please note that there’s no fucking sparkling in these ranks. (Nikki)

Scandal Note: Yes, I know we probably didn’t list YOUR favorite vamp, please remember, I’ve tasked the Nerds with narrowing it down to just one each, a nearly impossible assignment and they are still cursing my name!

Scandal &

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  • Kim Thompson says:

    Ooh! I’ve only read one of these (Lara Adrian) – which lots of lovely pretties to add to my growing list of Nerd Herd Recommended Reads! You ladies may well bankrupt me but keep it up anyway xx

  • Well, this post comes at the perfect time. I’ve been asked by a bunch of people which vampire romances I’d recommend and I don’t even write paranormal! Thanks for making me look all informed and such 😉

  • JanetK from YYC says:

    The DB Reynolds’ Vampires in America series (Raphael etc) is great, and that’s saying something coming from a woman who does not particularly like PNR or romantic suspense. For some reason, this series has really grabbed me. I just finished Duncan (Book 5), my favorite so far, and Vampire Vignettes #1-9 (all in one volume). I’ve been following the reading order list (which includes vignettes and novellas interspersed with the main novels). A good escape!

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