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Man oh man, a whole week of kids in school and My Guy out of town, my house is so fucking quiet, it’s a little slice of nirvana!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you about BabyScandal and Scandalito’s school year thus far. BabyScandal is in 7th grade and her English teacher informed them this week that she expects them to read 40 books outside of class this year. BabyScandal giggled as the majority of the class moaned – she knows she can do that in her sleep. Scandalito, a Junior – how the fuck did that happen (?!!?), is taking a Journalism course this year and just texted me a note saying he was selected as Student of the Week for his great connections, insights and knowledge of the topics they’ve covered. Make no mistake, it may be just the first week of school but both of my kids have hit the ground running and have been very busy being smart!

If we were having coffee I’d say…we have wood! And then I’d admonish you for having a dirty mind but quickly note we’ll be friends for life because of your dirty mind…anyway, Operation New House has wood!! Three cheers for wood, morning wood, afternoon wood, evening wood, middle of the night wake me up with sleepy wood, wait…new house wood makes me very excited. Here are some pictures of my wood…(fuck me I could do this all day!)

LONG wood

LONG wood

Now that's a crawl space wood

Now that’s a crawl space wood

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that we stopped off to take those pics of the New House on our way home from that dreaded wedding reception I mentioned last week. Holy shit in a hand basket – hello slur your words drunk and very handsy groom…and I don’t mean handsy with his new wife – ole boy almost lost a few teeth as My Guy does not share. Seriously, there were some major league douchebags at this event, at one point I almost said to two men trying to impress me with their investment portfolio chatter, “guys, why don’t you just whip your dicks out and let me get a tape measure”. I did manage to accidentally drop an F-bomb while sitting at a table with several executives and their Stepford spouses (3 clients and 1 president of My Guy’s company…yes, PRESIDENT). I swear it just slipped out, like a fucking word bubble in a cartoon I couldn’t get it back in! I think only one person caught my slip, luckily he thinks I’m funny and gave me a conspirators wink and a smirk – I think he hates these things as much as I do!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I read Deacon by Kristen Ashley. If you don’t know, it’s the 4th book in her Unfinished Hero series. In the lead up to this book’s release, we are discussing each book in the series over in the Secret Vault on Facebook – see, membership has its privileges friends! Get your ass in that vault, the discussions going on are outstanding – I love surrounding myself with smart women! Anyway, back to Deacon…I want each and every one of you to promise me you will not read a single spoiler for this book. All I will say is, I am pretty damn positive everyone talking about the “Daddy” business ad nasueam will take a big fat backseat to what you are going to find in the pages of this book. How’s THAT for a tease? Do not read any spoilers…promise me. Let this hit you full on like it hit me…I promise you you’ll end up looking like that dude in the memorex ad campaign from the 70′s with the big ass speakers blowing his hair back.

If we were having coffee I’d say…it’s recap time!


Saturday’s podcast was all about The Secret by Julie Garwood. Sunday came along and gave us some Love It or Leave Its. Monday and Tuesday kept up with the Highlander theme – Janet Chapman’s The Highlander Next Door and my belated OUTLANDER recap. Wednesday, Lola reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy and I must say, I love it when a visual person like Lola nerds out on the cinematography of a movie. Yesterday Nikki gave us her thoughts on Rival by Penelope Douglas. Also, my recap of Witches of East End went live on Romance@Random, and don’t forget to check out the great list of books we discuss over there as our End Of Summer faves. I think you might find some familiar names and maybe even some new authors to check out!

If we were having coffee I’d ask what you have planned for the weekend. It’s a long weekend here in the States. Work has been very busy lately, which is awesome because when my work is busy, it’s usually fun and exciting and top secret…sorry, not sorry. I’m going to try to do a little reading, I’m thinking Laura Kaye’s Hard To Hold On To is screaming my name right now. How about you? What in the queue for you?

Scandal Review

Review: Rival by Penelope Douglas

Rival by Penelope DouglassRival

Series: Fall Away # 2

Author: Penelope Douglas

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Purchase on Amazon


Nikki's review

A little over a year ago, I picked up a freebie on Amazon. It was called Bully and it blew me away. Two books later, Penelope Douglas still has the same effect on me. This book is slated to be one of the biggest releases of the summer and I expect everyone and their sister will review it, so I’ll keep this brief and simple.

Six Things You NEED to Know

Need is relative, and I think y’all need to know….

1.  Nikki’s Musings was born with this series. Bully was the very first review I wrote for the blog.

2.  These books cannot be accurately classified as YA. The characters are, in fact, young adults. The content, however, is not.

3.  Madoc’s father is very much married (in the legal sense, at least) to Fallon’s mother. This, of course, makes them step-siblings, but I feel it necessary to point out that there was not, at any time, anything that remotely resembled fraternal feelings between these two.

4.  Parts of this book take place Pre-Bully. FYI, Tate was a very sad, very beaten down girl back then and Jared was an even bigger asshole than I thought.

5.  Remember that tattoo Madoc got at The Black Debs? Fallen? Yeah. Think on that.

6.  Penelope Douglas can write. Fallon and Madoc’s story has been building over the course of the last two books, and the way all those puzzle pieces came together was sheer perfection.

Three (Rather Profound Things) I Took Away From Rival

You know what sucks about life lessons? You get the test first and the lesson later.

1.  Being able to provide your kid with all his little heart desires does not make you a good parent. There are also lots of bitches who should be forcibly sterilized so they’re never permitted to inflict their particular brand of fucked-up on the next generation. The only good parent in this whole damn bunch is Tate’s father. The rest of them either completely suck ass or have sucked so much ass in the past that I’m reluctant to change my opinion without further evidence.

2.  Smokey Robinson was on to something with that whole “Tears of a Clown” thing. Madoc, for all his smiling and flirting and bullshit rich boy airs, is carrying so much on his shoulders and is so much more than he seems.

3.  You should never, ever underestimate the power of young love. Adults pooh-pooh teenagers and their feelings, particularly as they relate to romantic love, but these kids know what they want and they feel deeply. I shall endeavor to try not to discount my boy’s absolute adoration for his lady love when he starts dating. . . as long as he remembers all the rules set forth in Momma’s Hoochie Prevention Program.

Three Reasons I’d Rather Hang Out with Fallon Than the Majority of Romance Heroines

How y’all like that wordy title?

Fallon Pierce is not at all your typical teenage girl. She has an uncanny ability to break things down and tell it exactly the way that it is. She doesn’t bullshit and doesn’t tolerate anyone handing it to her and, as early as sixteen, she had shit figured out that many grown women still cannot fucking grasp–

1.  THERE’S ONE PERSON WHO HAS TO BE HAPPY WITH YOU—and you look at her in the mirror every day. Fallon doesn’t give two shits what people think about her, and it was completely refreshing–

“What he said didn’t matter. I liked who I was. No one told me how to dress, how to behave, what clubs to join . . . I made my own decisions. Madoc was a puppet. A drone. I’m free.”

2.  Boys aren’t big on complications and they’re scared to death of what they can’t see. Thus, the fascination with bitches who literally let it allll hang out–

“Like the miniskirts you date? . . . You know why you want to see me in ‘nice,’ skimpy things? Because the more I show, the less I’m hiding. I scare you.”

3.  YOU are the best shield you have against the world. You have to know yourself, you have to love yourself and you have to give yourself time to grow and heal. There’s not one thing wrong with turning inward and getting right with you—

“I saved myself for me. Part of it was that I didn’t want anyone else but you, but the truth was that I just didn’t want anyone. Even you. I was in over my head. I needed to grow up.”

I’d also like to mention that I didn’t have to read about her hair products, her make-up routine or what she was wearing. And she’s a teenager.

And last, but certainly not least. . .

Eight Reasons I Could Go Cougar For Madoc

Madoc is young in this book, folks–like, young enough to be my kid if I started popping out babies before I could drive. They didn’t make boys like Madoc Carruthers when I was in high school. Part of his appeal is in how completely he loves Fallon and part of it is that he’s wise beyond his years, but most of it is that he’s a complete smartass–and that is sexy as hell.

I’ll let ole boy speak for himself—

1.  “I see everything I want for as long as I can have it.”

2.  “This was my girl, and I finally understood why Jared needed Tate so much.”

3.  “Women always have to ask the questions they really don’t want the answers to.”

4.  “Wipe the drool, baby. . . We’re getting under the sheets later. Don’t worry.”

5.  “When you follow you forget to grow. Days pass, years roll over you, and you’re left with little to show for your life.”

6.  “Make that threat again. . . I will put you through a wall to get to her.”

7.  “Hyphenating your name is like saying ‘I just don’t want to admit defeat’ when the truth is women who hyphenate their names have already lost. Men don’t hyphenate their names.”

8.  “You’re a dream.”

 4.5 stars


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