Podcast: Scandal and The Sexy Book Nerd Herd episode 74 – It Happened One Wedding by Julie James

Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd

Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd

episode 74

Welcome to our Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd podcast. This week we are discussing It Happened One Wedding by Julie James.


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This week’s Ask A Nerd comes from Suzy D


I have just discovered the podcasts and this site. You girls make me laugh so much. I think the format is fantastic and am loving all the intros to books and authors I had never heard of. Keep up the great work. I also hate cliff hangers and serials. Would you all  let  me know your most re read book as I am a newbie in the genre?

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Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd


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Scandal Review

Virtual Coffee Date


Baby it’s cold outside…yay!

If we were having coffee I’d ask if any of you live in Buffalo, NY because hot damn, that’s some snow up there! Wow, have you seen the pictures? I mean I’m sorry people died because of the storm but the weather nerd in me is crazy impressed with the amount of snow that fell so quickly. Is it just me or did any of you guys get a little claustrophobic when you saw those pictures of people opening their front door to a wall of snow that literally barricaded them in? I love me some snow but even I had to say, “whoa Mother Nature, cool your jets missy!” I wonder if this is an omen for Winter, which we all know isn’t actually here yet, it’s still Fall friends…FALL! Well, you know I couldn’t do a post and not mention the ridiculous amount of snow that hit the Northeast US – color me amazed.

If we were having coffee I’d give you a little New House update. We are officially less than one month away from closing and moving. Old House still hasn’t sold and I’m not going to sugar coat it, that pisses me off. If these nervous hives in the crease of my elbows are any indication, I’m experiencing a little buyers remorse…or maybe that’s just the panic attack of carrying two mortgages for a bit. I really thought this puppy would’ve sold by now, alas, that is decidedly not the case. Feel free to send me all of the good juju you can muster – I know there are far bigger problems in the world that deserve the good juju but I’ll take some if you’re doling it out! Onward and upward…nothing but positive attitudes up in here! Ok, the picture I’m about to share…well, I know you aren’t supposed to be attached to material things, material things aren’t supposed to make you happy…yadda, yadda, yadda…but – we are pretty much building our dream house and apparently, I dream big. I love to cook. It’s a passion of mine so the kitchen is seriously, the most important room in a house. It’s the heartbeat, where we gather, where we solve the world’s problems, where I nourish my loved ones…yeah, yeah, I know you just rolled your eyes at that but it doesn’t make is any less true. As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted what you are about to see. Shallow? Maybe. Do I care? No, not really. DO NOT look at the backsplash – it is wrong and is currently being replaced with all white tiles placed in a brick pattern. But behold – my favorite thing, in my favorite room of New House.



Who’s coming for dinner? I am totally going to have sex on that appliance – in fact, I’m all hot and bothered just looking at it. Even the wrong backsplash can’t kill the quiver I have for that hunk of metal. Is it wrong to get that emotional over a material thing? Yes, absolutely. Do I care if you judge me? No, absolutely not. If you need me later, I’ll be in the kitchen.

If we were having coffee I’d talk about reviews. As you know, we are always looking for ways to bring you more, keep you interested (i.e.: video reviews – how did you like Lola’s first go? I can’t wait to get rolling on mine), and engage you in conversations because, well, we are chatty. We strive to be a review blog, not a recommendation blog – we want to tell you about the good, the bad and the meh. One of the reasons I asked the ladies to create the Nerd Herd is because I think it’s important to offer lots of different opinions. Reviews are subjective and I hope we offer enough variety for you because lord knows, we often (read: almost always) disagree. What you guys don’t see, behind the scenes, is how we sometimes struggle with these reviews we write. We never want to seem like we just unabashedly love every single thing a particular author writes, because we don’t…or maybe we do. And we are human, we always feel a twinge of hesitation when our review goes against the grain of the general consensus. It’s not always easy putting it out there like that – disagreeing with the masses, especially when sometimes the masses attack! So I encourage, and the Nerds encourage me, to just write what we feel. You guys are smart, you can take what you need. Nikki and I were chatting earlier this week about this very thing and Nikki, in her special Nikki way, said some things that I wanted to share with you so…here goes, Nikki uncut:

Teena and Scandal absolutely loved The Will by Kristen Ashley. Me? Not so much.

Stay With Me by Maya Banks is one of my favorite books. Tania was not a fan.

Lola adores stuff I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. I’ll just leave it at that.

So. . . who’s fibbing? Obviously, if one of us doesn’t agree with the rest, someone has to be full of shit. I’m seriously going to have to question Tania’s integrity cause she raved about that book I thought was absolute crap, right?


This, ladies, is a review blog. A review is, by very definition, an opinion. Since every single one of us come wired with a completely different set of values and ideals and triggers, our opinions will frequently differ. There is no wrong or right, black or right, truth or lie. It is what it is—our feelings about a book. We’re not handing out legal advice in this camp, folks. We’re just telling you what we love to read. In the end, it’s all about the love.

You wanna put Texas Pete on your spaghetti cause hot sauce makes everything better?

Have at it. I do—and it’s delicious.

You wanna watch really, really crappy Lifetime movies cause they make you happy?

More power to you. 

You wanna five-star every damn book an author writes cause you fucking love her?

Please do.

Love what you love—unapologetically. And fuck what anyone thinks about it.

So I’m just gonna leave that right there – feel free to discuss! Always know, if you read a review we write and you have questions or want to dig a little deeper with us to discuss, send us an email – hit the contact me button up there, I’ll make sure the right Nerd gets it. Disagree with us, nicely (life’s too short for ugly, get ugly and I’ll delete your ass)- conversations are always welcome.

If we were having coffee I’d ask what you have on tap for the weekend. I’m taking BabyScandal and her posse to see a little Mockingjay action and I’m reading The King by Tiffany Reisz. As if I need another reason to love Kingsley Edge – hands down, he is my favorite. I find that man to be insanely sexy…sorry, my French love is showing…not sorry. What about you? What are you reading? Inquiring minds want to know. Whatever you’re doing I hope you laugh a lot and have at least a couple mind bending orgasms…oh, and send that juju!

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