TV recap: Sons of Anarchy episode 7.7 – Greensleeves


With the club solely focused on seeking their revenge on Lin and his crew, nothing could’ve prepared them for the wrath of August Marks and his drastic actions that concluded the show. So let’s get into the highlights of last nights episode.


The episode clearly kicks off with Juice being made to perform one last act on behalf of SAMCRO; granting him a reprieve from his past transgression until the task at hand has been complete. A task, which may bloodily well claim his very existence, which should come as no surpise to us as Juice has been living on borrowed time. With Chibs receiving news from Jary about Lin’s pending release the club decides to use Juice as a pawn inside jail with the help of the clubs white supremacist support.

Word reaches Gemma that Juice has been captured and a magnitude of fear settles in as she ponders her faith. How much does Jax know about her involvement with Tara’s death? Has Juice ratted her out to the club? How will Jax end her life? … Are all but a few questions swarming in her head.

Especially when Happy and Rat are tasked with getting Gemma to the cabin to help out the pastor’s wife overcome her drug addiction. You may have recalled my reference to this character a few weeks back. The church she and her dead husband support is located in a prime spot for August’s future business plans. August needs her to sign over the land to him so that he can purse his future development projects. The trip to the cabin obviously has Gemma worried that she may be meeting her end until she arrives at the cabin and sees that her help is needed.

The pastor’s wife’s demons are not only limited to her drug addition but also to a black mailer named Greensleeve who is a low life pimp who provided the pastor with his kinky conquests. As we quickly find out, Greensleeve’s business ventures are not limited to pimping but extend to blackmailing his clients. Jax and the crew take on the challenge of dealing with Greensleeve in hopes that they can get the pastor’s wife’s support when it comes to dealing with August Marks. Nothing ever goes smoothly when the club takes on such a challenge and Greensleeve ends up dead of course.

So one would think at this point that MC is coming out ahead. Juice is in jail working the Lin angle. The MC has completed a favour for the pastor’s wife hence obtaining a sworn testimony against August Marks unethical acquisition of the church’s land. They have the support of the Mayan MC and all is good in gangsta MC world. NOT!

With Jax so wrapped up in other details, he obviously did not realize the compromising position he placed the club and also how quickly August Mark’s crew would react. This misstep ends up finding Bobby captured and his eyeball removed. Is Bobby dead is the next question? I guess we won’t find this out till next week as the club regroups and plans dual attacks on the Chinese and Mark’s crew.

Kurt Sutter has stumped me again. I will say in previous season when the club has found themselves in similar situations they eventually come up on top. The MC is no fool but my thoughts wavier a bit as the cause of all this mayhem is really one person, Gemma.

We are half way through the season and I’m beginning to believe that Gemma’s involvement may not be revealed till the very end at which time all mayhem would have been let loose and Jax would have realized the club has gone on a retribution journey for no particular reason. Kurt Sutter is know to plan twists that leave his fans blindside from season to season. I could be wrong in my speculations but I would love to hear what y’all think on how you think the last half of the season will play out.

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Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick Rendezvous Recap!

Shortly after I started blogging the lovely and talented Kristen Ashley mentioned my blog on her website. Seems she found me laugh out loud funny. I went from talking pretty much to myself to tons of fans, subscribers and commenters literally over night. Hell, even the ladies that make up my Nerd posse found me via Kristen Ashley’s shout out. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Kristen a few times and I can tell you, she’s just as fun in person as you’d expect her to be. You have to know, when the opportunity came to converge on hot Arizona to again convene with the Rock Chick Goddess herself, I jumped on those tickets like a maniac. Good thing I’m quick to jump because Rock Chick Rendezvous sold out like the Rock Goddess she is, in something crazy like 8 minutes. That’s right, my one click finger has mad skills, yo. Next task…get my Nerds together in one place. It’s amazing how small the Earth is when women want to get together to talk books…Teena came from Australia, Lola and Tania shucked their coats and travelled from Canada, Nikki couldn’t make it but she was with us in spirit and text so it was almost like her cranky ass was there too. Even blog reader, Tarheel Tee made the trip because who wouldn’t want to make the trip to hot as hell Arizona (dry heat my ass) to spend time with the Creator of the broody, broken, grumbly, dick having Alpha men we love to swoon over and imagine in our beds. The week in Arizona shaped up to be as busy a two dollar hooker on nickel night.

Yes, I just called out Arizona for being fucking hot – remember, I’m the girl that wants to move to Maine in January and I’m chicken white, hot is not my thing but beauty is. Arizona is simply stunning…



We rented a house a few miles away from the event location, the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale and arrived on Wednesday afternoon. KA stopped by to record the podcast with us – if you haven’t listened, click HERE and let it play while you read the rest of this post.

Friday night was drink night at Old Town Whiskey – a lovely little watering hole in the Saguaro Hotel, with cute bartenders that pour heavy…way heavy. Kristen was there to meet and great and chat and generally be awesome with her fans. Tons of laughs but sadly, no pictures to share because it was dark and sexy and frankly I was too busy laughing with my brethren to bother. Shout out to Lisa Jo – girl, you are outstanding with your Patron shots. And the Cantu sisters – lordy be how I wanted to pack you guys up in my bags and bring you home with me.

Bright and early Saturday morning the signing began…the lines formed, the books were busted out, the sharpies at the ready and the laughs commenced.




Oh and the bras…all of the bras…Kristen collected bras for Sojourner House and Domestic Violence Awareness in Phoenix and each bra donated was capped off with a $1 donation from Larry Miller Dodge, a local car dealership. So many bras…Rock Chicks have great tits and aren’t afraid to share the wealth.


The signing was supposed to end at 2PM but of course we missed that mark – Kristen sat and signed every single book…and there were a TON of books beckoning her name with only one pee break until 4PM. Only Kristen Ashley could get a pee break round of applause.


Also in attendance was the lovely and charming JB Salsbury. Have you guys read her? She’s coming on the podcast because when we meet a good one, we lock that shit down for you guys! Her Fighting series contains the books, Fighting for Flight, Fighting to Forgive and Fighting to Forget and the next installment, Fighting the Fall is due out November 4th.


Saturday night was dinner with Kristen at Grimaldi’s Pizza. Fat Tires for everyone! Her family was there and seriously, Kristen Ashley’s peeps are the best…THE BEST! Her brother is a riot, full of snark and humor as all brothers need to be. Her sister, is the best right hand a girl could have, her BIL is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and her nieces…oh lord her nieces are absolutely delicious. They are bright rays of sunshine filled with intelligence, grace and beauty. All Rock Chicks should consider themselves lucky to count Kristen’s family in our tribe…truly a special group.

Sunday morning found Kristen right back at the hotel chatting and saying good bye to her fans. This wasn’t an organized send off, just a Kristen thing because of course the woman does nothing at half measure.

All in all, I count the first ever Rock Chick Rendezvous a ginormous success. So many laughs, so much kinship and love, I even had high tea in a place called Carefree and got to see a full on biker festival in one afternoon.


Our hostest with the mostest, the ever gracious Kristen Ashley pulled off a spectacular event. Bookmark her event page and make plans to attend the next Rendezvous near you – it’s a once in a life time experience you won’t regret, even if you have to sweat your tits off in the desert. Rock On!

Of course what good is a trip like this without sharing with you guys – get your clicky finger ready. I have the entire Dream Man series…all autographed and pretty just waiting to ship out to a lucky winner. That’s right…the entire series…Hawk, Brock, Mitch and Tack just waiting to sit on your bookshelf.
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