Review: Ricochet by Skye Jordan

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Skye JordanRicochet

Author: Skye Jordan

Series: Renegades Series # 3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3.5 Star

Source: Self-purchase

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Liner Notes

After a tragic incident in Afghanistan leaves Master Sergeant Nathan Ryker the only man standing in his tight-knit team, he spirals into an alcohol-and-sex induced escape. A call from his lifelong buddy pulls Ryker from the shadows with a request for help with his stunt company’s latest blockbuster. If Ryker can survive the next three weeks of leave and get back to his remaining men, he might just be all right. But a sexy woman who can take his mind off his trauma is too hard to resist, and when he hooks up with Renegades’ sultry, snarky office manager, his sanity takes a backseat to the first glimpse of a future he isn’t sure he deserves.

Still reeling from a bitter romantic betrayal, Rachel Hart wants nothing more than an uncomplicated hookup. So when the mysterious Nathan seduces her with a little dirty talk and one delicious kiss, Rachel drowns all her good sense in a Mandarin and soda and gives herself over to a night of sexual bliss. But her memories tarnish in the morning light when Rachel discovers his real identity and his link to Renegades. Her job and her friends are the only thing holding her life together, and she won’t be ruined by one sultry night with this damaged and dangerously sexy man.

Teena's Insight

I mentioned on the podcast that I was going to pick this book up on release day. I am so very glad I did. Once upon a time, in a previous life, I spent some time training & working as a Geologist. I ran a small drill rig, complete with my very own rigger. I am sorry to disappoint you; he wasn’t ripped and hot, far from it in fact! He looked like a highly unattractive biker with long greasy unkempt hair and a beard of the same ilk. The visual delight that was my rigger wore blue Stubbie” shorts and a matching tatty old blue singlet. Those of you who aren’t Aussies or are not well versed in the fashion item known as the “Stubbie” shorts….Google them! Despite this horrible distraction, under the watchful eye of my superiors I learnt how to lay down a blast pattern. Yes, you read that correctly, I had the power to blow shit up! True story!

Imagine my delight when I realized why Nathan Ryker had been called in as an expert for the Renegades, he is trained to blow shit up! That just tickled a fancy I thought I had forgotten long ago. Ryker is best friend to Renegade Stuntman – Troy. Troy and Ryker have long history of looking out for each other, so when Troy calls on Ryker’s expertise the only answer is, yes.

Rachel Hart is the go to person for the Renegade team, bookkeeper, payroll officer, site coordinator and all round mother hen. The last thing on her mind is a serious relationship, she is not long out of one of those and the end result wasn’t pretty! Rachel is intelligent, confident, and sassy. She has a wounded heart and her ability to trust is in the shitter but she has a can do personality that you’ll love. Rachel is a strong heroine with nerdy qualities that make her my kind of girl!

Now, Nathan…Nathan is definitely a fixer upper. As you can imagine from the book’s description, he has a healthy dose of PTSD. He’s dominant in bed, scandaliciously so but he’s also strong enough to let his woman be herself and respects her all the more for it. Oh, and did I mention two of my favorite words? Amy Ranger – you know I’m an unabashed tag chaser. Have you read any in the Renegade series? Tell me your thoughts.

“I’ve got you,…I may fuck up in other areas, baby, but I’ll never let you fall”

3.5 stars
Reading Order
Renegades Series





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Review: MacRieve (Immortals After Dark #13) by Kresley Cole

Macrieve by Kresley ColeMacRieve

Author: Kresley Cole

Series: Immortals After Dark #13

Publisher: Gallery Books

Genre: Paranormal

Rating: 4.5 stars

Source: self purchase

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Liner Notes

In this pulse-pounding Immortals After Dark tale, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole delves into the darkest mysteries and deepest passions of Clan MacRieve. . .

A Beast In Torment

Uilleam MacRieve believed he’d laid to rest the ghosts of his boyhood. But when a brutal torture revives those ancient agonies and destroys his Lykae instinct, the proud Scot craves the oblivion of death. Until he finds her—a young human so full of spirit and courage that she pulls him back from the brink.

A Beauty In Chains

Seized for the auction block, Chloe Todd is forced to enter a terrifying new world of monsters and lore as a bound slave. When offered up to creatures of the dark, she fears she won’t last the night. Until she’s claimed by him—a tormented immortal with heartbreaking eyes, whose touch sets her blood on fire.

A Full Moon On The Rise

With enemies circling, MacRieve spirits Chloe away to the isolated Highland keep of his youth. But once he takes her to his bed, his sensual mate becomes something more than human, evoking his savage past and testing his sanity. On the cusp of the full moon, can he conquer his worst nightmare to save Chloe . . . from himself?


Scandal's Opinion
Oh Kresley Cole…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…how many werewolves are in this series? I’ll start with that number of ways! In the realm of paranormal worlds, I am a werewolf kinda’ girl. I am not afraid of, in fact, I encourage a little a lot of scruff. Scruff burn in all the right places my friends, is a glorious thing. The primal, animalistic claiming thing is off the hotness charts in my book. Now, make those same weres from Scotland, load them up with that thick brogue and stick a fucking fork in me because I am done…or maybe the proper phrasing should be, heated to boil!

Need another reason to love Kresley Cole? Well, in the paranormal world, world building is key. Keeping it real enough, based on reality enough, yet supernatural enough to not make you roll your eyes is not a small task. Keeping your world building consistent, across a huge laundry list of books is exceptionally difficult – I can’t even imagine the flow chart Ms. Cole has for this series. Cole manages to introduce new characters, new situations and new drama without neglecting the core of the series. We’ve discussed this a few weeks ago on the podcast. A series as long as this one has to move the central theme along with every single book. These books have to build on themselves, answer enough, question enough without stalling out or straying down some unexplained path. Cole nails this shit with ease. The Accession is coming and you feel it gaining momentum with every book. Thank goodness we have Nix setting shit up properly for the good guys…at least I hope she is! Back to world building, many have tried, most have failed – even some of the big ones are slipping towards disaster but Kresley Cole is a world building genius.

Ok, enough about my general Kresley Cole IAD love, let’s talk MacRieve. The Hotter of the Hot and Hotter twins, well at lease Chloe thinks so. Uilleam “Will” MacRieve has a back story that will gut you. I am not exaggerating when I say that. Seduced by a succubus in his youth…and I mean YOUTH, the chain of events surrounding the demise of this “relationship” are seriously life altering. As if being in the clutches of a child molester could be anything other than life altering. Given Will’s history, you have to wonder what sort of evil bitch Fate is. I mean seriously, there is no coming back from what that boy, that man, that werewolf went through, first at the hands of his molester, and later on the exam table with his captor. The stuff of nightmares would be a huge understatement. You know strong, sassy Chloe is going to rock his world, you just can’t possibly imagine how much.

I’m not going to give you too much story here because you really just need to read it for yourself. There are twists, turns and reveals at every corner and I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Just when you think the fated couple can be happy, another shoe drops…and these are big fucking, anvil heavy spiked cleats dropping. Fate may have brought them together (with a gentle Nix nudge) but only true love and unwavering trust can save them. And how does one trust when one has been burned so many times…yep, I’m leaving that wide open because really, it could apply to both Will’s and Chloe’s past. Never say never my friends, the prejudices of your youth can beat you up when you’re older.

As much as I love this story, there was one little part that left me less than breathless. Chloe is an Olympic calibre soccer player. The constant soccer euphemisms got a little old and cheesy for me, but even that distraction can’t make me hate on this book. Will has a shit ton of groveling to do. He is broken beyond all get out and you know me, I totally give him a pass for that. But he hurts Chloe, demeans her, fucks with her in such a way, even I had trouble for a hot minute. MacRieve’s level of Alpha Grovel is off the charts, as well it should be. Old boy almost kills her with his hatefulness. (side note: when we get to the sexy times, no one does it like a well versed werewolf, especially when he lets his beast loose – holy mother of banging down the castle walls fucking.)

MacRieve ends in a dungeon with the other Hot MacRieve, Munro, finding and killing his mate. Yep…it goes there and it hurts like a mother fucker. The kicker is, book 14 is Dark Skye – Thronos and Lanthe’s story (Aug. 2014). I want to read that one but damn. All of the weres we love are on their way to save the day but, poor Munro is left in quite the sticky wicket – I hope Cole doesn’t leave us hanging (pun intended) too long.

4.5 stars

Reading Order

Immortals After Dark

The Warlord Wants Forever

A Hunger Like No Other

No Rest for the Wicked

Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night

Dark Needs at Night’s Edge

Dark Desires After Dusk

Kiss of a Demon King

Deep Kiss of Winter

Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Demon from the Dark

Dreams of a Dark Warrior



Dark Skye (Aug. 5, 2014)

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