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Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd

Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd
episode 64

Welcome to our Scandal and the Sexy Book Nerd Herd podcast. Today in our Author’s Corner we have R.B. Hilliard.

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This week’s Ask a Nerd comes from Amy S.


Some of you work outside of the home, how in the hell do you read so many books every week, and still stay employed? When I first discovered Kristen Ashley, and decided that I needed to devour one of her books every day until I had read all of her work to date, my value as an employee SERIOUSLY took a nose dive. I “had to focus, so I needed to work offsite”, I “had a flat tire”, etc. Are there tricks of the trade, or do you all suffer from either real or kindle-induced insomnia?


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Review: Dangerous Territory by Emmy Curtis

Dangerous Territory by Emmy CurtisDangerous Territory

Author: Emmy Curtis

Series: Alpha Ops #0.5

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Source: Self-purchase

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Liner Notes


Flirting with danger is reporter Grace Grainger’s modus operandi. But she’s learned the hard way not to grow attached to the soldiers she’s embedded with in Afghanistan. To escape from her pain and loneliness, she fantasizes about the hot night she spent with a gorgeous stranger three years before in D.C. Grace never thought she’d see him again—let alone need him to rescue her . . .


Air Force Master Sergeant Josh Travers knows journalists are nothing but trouble. So when he has to risk his team’s lives to save some reporter who’s been separated from her patrol, he’s not happy—until he recognizes her stunning eyes and delicious curves. Josh has never wanted a woman like he wants Grace. He needs her—even in an Afghan cave with a sandstorm and enemy troops closing in. This might be the end for both of them—or one hell of a beginning.


Tania's Review

I picked up Dangerous Territory by Emmy Curtis a few weeks ago and I have not been able to let it go. That tells me, I need to tell you about it. Let’s be honest, I liked the premise of the story but that cover is what initially drew me so let’s all give thanks for ab-tastic covers with fantastic stories to back them up! Emmy Curtis wrote an amazing story and she packed it all into 100 pages, give or take. Quite honestly, my biggest complaint was that I didn’t want this story to end but Grace and Josh’s story is an excellent starting point for the Alpha Ops series and brilliantly segues into the next story Over the Line which is due to release in five weeks.

Emmy Curtis describes her series as follows…

“My debut series is about the military heroes who spend most of their professional lives in harm’s way, but rarely get books written about them. They’re not SEALs, and they’re seldom in the headlines, but these men and women are tough, courageous and fearless. They deserve to be written about. And they deserve to find love.”

I love that Emmy Curtis brings something slightly different to this military themed genre by exposing the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Remember, when it all goes to hell, it’s these bad boys they call in. Explaining the duties or roles of some of these special ops personal was written into the story with such ease, it only enhanced the story and never weighed it down. Since this story takes place in the middle of a war, I felt all this extra attention to detail and fact, whether it was about the military operation or the interaction between Grace, Josh and the locals, made it that much more authentic. I’m not sure if it’s a complement to say that Emmy Curtis writes war scenes extraordinarily well but somewhere out there, these men and women DO exist and I would have to say she did these heroes justice in her fictional portrayal of their very real existence. The imagery is extremely vivid and so well written that without closing your eyes, you can envision the chaos of a patrol under attack, the unforgiving Afghan landscape and the local villagers who are trying to avoid becoming casualties themselves.

Not only are Grace and Josh stranded in Dangerous Territory with the enemy closing in, there is plenty of hostility brewing between them. Josh despises reporters. He is frustrated when his team is put at risk to rescue a journalist and further pissed off to learn that the woman that has starred front and center in all his fantasies ever since their one night stand three years ago also happens to be the reporter he just rescued. Grace is no lightweight. She has spent the last four years embedded in Afghanistan and she has little problem flinging the animosity back at Josh. She is smart and resourceful and this only further fuels his confusion. With the memory of that perfect night now ruined for the both of them and the stress of their current life or death situation hanging over them, emotions in an already volatile situation are going to be pushed to their limit and new memories are about to be made, both in and out of those BDU’s.

“Well, soldier, is that a night-vision scope in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”

 4.5 stars

Reading Order
Alpha Ops Series

Dangerous Territory #0.5

Over the Line #2 – To Be Released – October 7, 2014

Pushing the Limit #3 – To Be Released – November 11, 2014


 Connect with Emmy Curtis

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Review: Rival by Penelope Douglas

Rival by Penelope Douglass

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